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  1. Nice! I had an Express and it was NICE. Had it been the plus with the graphic eq I might have hung on to it!.
  2. Ease of Use is one of those very relative measuring sticks. To me, the old Pods were relatively easy to use. Once it got into the HD500s and so on, they lost me. They were sounding better and better but I wanted to play and not menu surf. Then the Strymon Iridium came out. I snapped one up not long after release. It don't get much easier. It sounds as good as anything I've ever heard. ...but the feel is the important part. When I was doing a side by side with the Strymon "chime" or Vox AC30 setting against my actual Vox AC15, I would actually forget that I was playing through the Iridium. How good does it sound in my ears? I don't own the Vox anymore. ...and I thought that amp was great. Here's me making a quick recording with the Iridium so I could take the recording around with me to listen to through different stereo systems. The signal chain is: H575 Strymon Iridium Focusrite Solo Ableton 10
  3. That is very cool! I had a Fender HR Deville 410 once when I didn't care what happened to my back. haha. It was a decent sounding amp... but hissy for sure... and that was on one in working order! I am not working towards gigging but I am learning songs at a decent clip now. Instead of taking months to work out A song... now I tend to get a few songs going at once and just work on the one that I have momentum with at the moment. I found the hold up before was writer's block. Now, if I have writer's block on one tune, I might not on another and I continue with that one. I have maybe 7 or 8 solo guitar arrangements done and more being worked on. Maybe Baby (slight swing to it) White Christmas Summertime Autumn Leaves All of Me Sleep Walk My Life (yes, Billy Joel) She's the One (Ramones) Work in progress: In the Pines (Appalachian folk tune) Work in progress: Just the Way You Are (again, Billy Joel) Work in progress: Beyond the Sea Work in progress: Georgia on my Mind Work in progress: Wonderful Tonight I've found that I get more out of my arrangements if i get the piano/vocal music to versions of tunes. Something about guitar books makes me try less hard. That... and I find tab distracting.
  4. It really is a balance of things. I like very, very low action. I mean... 'not many people can play it but me' low. With this, you have some choices to make. How much neck relief do you want? For me, I want no relief or as close as possible. I want the nut cut and bridge dropped as low as it can go. Beyond that, I have to experiment with string size. The bigger the string, the less wobble it gets for to make a note relative to a smaller string. With the less wobble, the lower I can get the strings to a flat neck.
  5. Hey MotownTom! In fact, one of the founders and still active employees of Heritage started back in the mid-50's! So... yeah.
  6. Man, I had never really been a huge fan of white finished guitars until this one. When I get a 555, it will likely be based on this finish somewhat. This is just sharp looking!
  7. barrymclark

    PSPIII 555C

    If an when I ever get around to affording one of these 555's, it will be based somewhat on what you have here! This is just such a stunning guitar. I hadnt really ever considered a white guitar until this one!
  8. barrymclark


    I so wanna get one of these for my boy one day. Along with other things to round out his young, educational life, I hope to make music a large part of it.
  9. You know, I had only seen one other guitar that was done in white just made me say, "YEAH!" and that was a Les Paul SG Custom. This one though... just WOW. That is gorgeous. If I ever get to where I order a 555, I really want it to be like this one.
  10. Thanks man! I hope to have something posted up... sometime. haha. I still have lots of learning to do... but I think I am finally on a productive track.

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