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  1. Very cool. Im playing through a Tech21 200w Power Engine. I'm really digging it.
  2. Ooh! A good Deluxe Reverb is awesome. Great find!
  3. Never used a Kingsley but heard glowing reviews. I've been playing through a Strymon Iridium. Really love it.
  4. That is very cool! I had a Fender HR Deville 410 once when I didn't care what happened to my back. haha. It was a decent sounding amp... but hissy for sure... and that was on one in working order! I am not working towards gigging but I am learning songs at a decent clip now. Instead of taking months to work out A song... now I tend to get a few songs going at once and just work on the one that I have momentum with at the moment. I found the hold up before was writer's block. Now, if I have writer's block on one tune, I might not on another and I continue with that one. I have maybe 7 o
  5. It really is a balance of things. I like very, very low action. I mean... 'not many people can play it but me' low. With this, you have some choices to make. How much neck relief do you want? For me, I want no relief or as close as possible. I want the nut cut and bridge dropped as low as it can go. Beyond that, I have to experiment with string size. The bigger the string, the less wobble it gets for to make a note relative to a smaller string. With the less wobble, the lower I can get the strings to a flat neck.
  6. Hey MotownTom! In fact, one of the founders and still active employees of Heritage started back in the mid-50's! So... yeah.
  7. Man, I had never really been a huge fan of white finished guitars until this one. When I get a 555, it will likely be based on this finish somewhat. This is just sharp looking!
  8. barrymclark

    PSPIII 555C

    If an when I ever get around to affording one of these 555's, it will be based somewhat on what you have here! This is just such a stunning guitar. I hadnt really ever considered a white guitar until this one!
  9. barrymclark


    I so wanna get one of these for my boy one day. Along with other things to round out his young, educational life, I hope to make music a large part of it.
  10. You know, I had only seen one other guitar that was done in white just made me say, "YEAH!" and that was a Les Paul SG Custom. This one though... just WOW. That is gorgeous. If I ever get to where I order a 555, I really want it to be like this one.
  11. Thanks man! I hope to have something posted up... sometime. haha. I still have lots of learning to do... but I think I am finally on a productive track.

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