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Found 9 results

  1. Hi All, Any suggestions on how to clean and lubricate closed back Grover tuners? I emailed Grover and they said closed back tuners are not meant to be lubricated or cleaned. So here is what I did: Step 1-remove the tuners from the guitar by first unscrewing the nut and washer on face of the headstock then remove the screw from the backside of headstock ** Be careful when removing tuner it may be stuck to the finish, if so, SOFTLY tap the post from the top side of the guitar, if it doesn’t come out don’t force it as you can do the lubricating while they are attached. I would not do any clean as the cleaning fluid could damage the finish of your guitar, just lubricate. Step 2 -take out the screw at the top of the knob and remove the metal and nylon washer at the bottom of the shaft Pic#3 Step 3- spray carburetor cleaner down the 2 posts(string and knob), let dry for 1/2 hr. Pic #1 and 2 Step 4- apply 2 drops of silicone lubricant down each post and work the tuner back and forth until it operates properly, wipe off any excess lubricant that may drain out. Step 5-reassemble the tuner, when screwing on screw to the knob don’t over tighten just a very light snug is fine. You can clean the chrome with a few drops of Brasso, and reinstall. ***Keep in mind just tighten the top nut just a very little otherwise it will leave an indentation around the washer of the headstock face. Good luck!
  2. Hi Everyone, This is my first post. Does anyone know if Heritage Guitar model H575 was ever finished in Green? If so what particular color green was it ? I have a H575 that has Green written on its label and the guitar has been refinished, so looking to get it back to the original color. The label is the scroll type that was used in the 1990's thru at least 2002. Any info would be helpful. Thanks, Hal
  3. From the album: gattart gallery

    First things first, the pickguard, not a fan, but this one looks like rosewood or mahogany or maybe a light ebony, but the colour doesn't really match anything... does it look original?
  4. From the album: gattart gallery

    Junior checking out the newest family member...
  5. From the album: Spectrum13

    Long Scale H575 Spruce and Hog 2012
  6. Marcos


    From the album: H575

    Year 1991
  7. From the album: Fabio's Guitars

    The piezo bridge on my H-575 Classic.

    © Fabio Pasello

  8. From the album: Fabio's Guitars

    H-575 Classic with Schatten Design AT-02 piezo bridge and dedicated electronics (electric & acoustic preamps, effect unit, amplifier and custom made routing device).

    © Fabio Pasello

  9. From the album: Fabio's Guitars

    H-575 Classic in a classy place.

    © Fabio Pasello

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