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Found 10 results

  1. Sorry if this has been covered before, but I can’t find it. I have recently acquired this guitar and I haven’t seen any others with these pickups. Guitar has a 1987 serial number. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello All any one know what bridge this is?
  3. Hello, I did a quick Looper-Jam with my Heritage H575 and kinda liked it, so I thought I share it with you :)! Everything is played live (with my TC Electronic Ditto X4 into a Tone King Falcon Grande). Have a nice wintertime, a peaceful Christmas, a happy Chanuka or maybe just a relaxing hibernation! Kind regards, Julian 😀
  4. From the album: gattart gallery

    First things first, the pickguard, not a fan, but this one looks like rosewood or mahogany or maybe a light ebony, but the colour doesn't really match anything... does it look original?
  5. From the album: gattart gallery

    Junior checking out the newest family member...
  6. From the album: Spectrum13

    Long Scale H575 Spruce and Hog 2012
  7. Marcos


    From the album: H575

    Year 1991
  8. From the album: Fabio's Guitars

    The piezo bridge on my H-575 Classic.

    © Fabio Pasello

  9. From the album: Fabio's Guitars

    H-575 Classic with Schatten Design AT-02 piezo bridge and dedicated electronics (electric & acoustic preamps, effect unit, amplifier and custom made routing device).

    © Fabio Pasello

  10. From the album: Fabio's Guitars

    H-575 Classic in a classy place.

    © Fabio Pasello

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