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Found 3 results

  1. Hi - I just recently got an old 535 and the Schallers in it sound pretty good to me. But I am considering replacing them. Based on this shoot out Schallers vs Seymour Seth Lovers I am not considering Seymours. Severson's tone is close to the type of tone I like but I prefer my tone to be just a little brighter and with a little more bite than his. On my Strat and Tele I use Kinman's and have used them on my Strat since the early 90's. I like the low noise, and clear but very vintage tone and they are not overly hot. I'm wondering if anyone has the Kinman humbuckers in their Heritage? I am especially interested in the Kinman Extra Vintage and Extra Vintage Astound pickups. Thanks, Chris
  2. Hello, My name is John living Amsterdam the Netherlands. I recently bought a brand new Millenium Double Cut Limited Edition. Did not need the guitar, had to trade other pretty guitars for it but the minute I held it I wanted it. It sounds wonderful and feels wonderful and looks wonderful. Having said that, I have one thing that I am not 100% satisfied with and that is the neck pick up, a SD Seth Lover. It's a wonderful balanced PU, but it is has a tad to much bass for my liking. I like a bit more bite and transparancy in the neck position. In the bridge position I have a SD'59 which I find great. It is kind of hard to state in understandable terms what I am looking for. As I said earlier, the SD Seth Lover has too much bass for me. I like it a bit more crisp; for example like the Super 58 that I have in my Ibanez John Scofield Model. Maybe a SD'59 would work in the neck position? As I said, it is hard to put exactly into words what I am looking for, but maybe some of you experts can give me a few useful pointers based on experience. Thanks!
  3. From the album: Fabio's Guitars

    The piezo bridge on my H-575 Classic.

    © Fabio Pasello

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