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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, My name is John living Amsterdam the Netherlands. I recently bought a brand new Millenium Double Cut Limited Edition. Did not need the guitar, had to trade other pretty guitars for it but the minute I held it I wanted it. It sounds wonderful and feels wonderful and looks wonderful. Having said that, I have one thing that I am not 100% satisfied with and that is the neck pick up, a SD Seth Lover. It's a wonderful balanced PU, but it is has a tad to much bass for my liking. I like a bit more bite and transparancy in the neck position. In the bridge position I have a SD'59 which I find great. It is kind of hard to state in understandable terms what I am looking for. As I said earlier, the SD Seth Lover has too much bass for me. I like it a bit more crisp; for example like the Super 58 that I have in my Ibanez John Scofield Model. Maybe a SD'59 would work in the neck position? As I said, it is hard to put exactly into words what I am looking for, but maybe some of you experts can give me a few useful pointers based on experience. Thanks!
  2. I have a 2017 Prospect with Seth Lovers and it sounds fantastic. Whatever combination of design, construction and electronics - produces killer tone. Having said that, I am now turning to my 225 Parsons Street produced '74 Les Paul Deluxe (probably made by Marv or Jim back in the 'G' days). It was bastardized by the original owner (DiMarzio HB on bridge which required a re-routed pickup cavity, original mini HB on neck). After hearing the tone monster Prospect, I am hankering to modify this old beauty. Any recommendations from the crowd? Eyeballing ThroBaks but not sure which ones. I realize it depends on type of playing, etc., but am looking for sage advice.
  3. Hello! I've tried to find that topic by using the search function but didn't get a satisfying result. In case it had been discussed any earlier, I'd be very grateful to get a link to the related discussion. Thanks. I was wondering why Heritage decided to use Schaller Pickups and Hardware? In another discussion it was mentioned, they changed this around 2006 (?), means for more than 20 years Schaller products seemed to be their first choise in regular production. Most of the players do change these to other Pickups and Hardware (so did I with my H150). The Schallers aren't real rubbish but for players they are not the favourites. Another thing, Schaller is a German Brand resp. Company. There are so many and good American brands & manufacturers that have been doing these pieces. In fact: some of them invented them. Also the former Gibson Business in Kalamazoo didn't use Schaller – as far as I know. So what made them using Schaller items for their running production for lots of years? Does somebody here know any background? Cheers Ralph
  4. From the album: Fabio's Guitars

    The piezo bridge on my H-575 Classic.

    © Fabio Pasello

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