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Lets Discuss Heritage Amplification Boutique Amps!


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OK, we all know that Heritage Amplification of Tennessee ceased operations several years ago. But the high quality amps designed by Paul Cochrane, distributed by Zane Lastrow made a lasting impact on many fans of the marque.


There are also a bunch of random YouTube videos, old cached ads, and a few personal owner photos of these amps still viewable on the internet. Why not bring them all here to the HOC for archiving? This will give anyone interested in these fine amps a central place to check out as much information as is available about Heritage Amplification!


Also, for owners of Heritage Amps, why not post some photos of your Heritage amp? Got a sound clip? Post em if you got em!




I'll get things started...




Here's a quote from Paul Cochrane from a thread over at the Gear Page about what happened to Heritage Amplification:


Heritage didn't go bancrupt. What happened had to do with the guitar company reorganizing their side of the company at the end of 2007. That took several months, and during that time the amps and guitars were put on hold while everything was being reworked. It took so long that I, and the other guys working with me at the amp company decided to leave for other things. I left the company to focus on my pedals.

Instead of hiring a new crew the owner of the amp company decided to keep it on hold while they were focusing on getting the guitars back up to production with the new co-owner of the company. He plans on one day getting the amps back up and running.

anyway - hope that clears things up.

tim/timmy pedals



Here are a few old threads and advertisements from around the net that show just how important these amps were to owners and players:


TGP: http://www.thegearpage.net/board/showthread.php?t=56661


J.Hale Music: http://www.jhalemusic.com/pages/heritageAmps.html


DeLorto Guitars: http://www.delortoguitar.com/amps.asp


Imagine Guitars: http://www.imagineguitars.com/amps/heritage_amplifiers.htm


Cool Heritage Victory video: http://vimeo.com/74252678



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Love my Victory. As i have said many times on this forum and others: the best sounding amp i ever played was a Heritage Liberty head through a matching Heritage 2x12 cab. Hands down, no contest. Been trying to approximate that sound ever since in a smaller package.

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This thread is not good for me.... I think I'm getting Amp G.A.S., but I THOUGHT it was for a handwired Princeton from an old friend of ours..... Or a Marshall 18 watter...or.....


Ha haa!


A good amp is a good amp. Those two you mentioned are great amps!


But a limited production Heritage Victory or Liberty or Patriot would smoke both of em. :icon_smile:

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Cool thread!


I have a Colonial (currently for sale here) and also recently received a Victory combo from another member. Both are very well thought out and well built.....very high quality. I've had so many amps that I couldn't count and would say that these two both stand out in a good way.


The external biasing in great. It takes all of about 2 minutes after warming up.


I had to have an issue with the reverb on the Victory figured out and will probably replace the tank too. Apparently they switched tank suppliers at some point when the ones they were using became unavailable. Paul C. said he liked the earlier ones better. I haven't heard the two side by side, but will experiment with mine. That would be my only issue with my Victory.


I grew up playing Deluxe reverbs and used to like 6v6's, but now I'm not really digging the way they compress when the amp is pushed so I switched the Victory to EL34's. What a difference it made! The amp sounds HUGE. It's touch sensitive and very harmonically rich. Both amps have a very bold sound with lots of bottom end. Some people might seek more sag, but I really appreciate how when pushed the bottom end doesn't flub out and get farty which is common with Deluxe reverbs.


The Victory has a good amount of headroom too. Both amps have a lot of balls. Highly recommend them.

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Here's a thread that discusses the Colonial and other cool info: http://www.el34world.com/Forum/index.php?topic=8336.0




Here is an original Owners Manual (thanks to HOC'er, RJ Sanders!): http://rjsanders.com/amps/Heritage%20Amps%20Owners%20Manual%20binder.pdf




Here's the original website for Heritage Amplifiers of Tennessee: http://web.archive.org/web/20071209084748/http://www.heritageamplifiers.com/product.html





Heritage Amplifiers of Tennessee
500 Wilson Pike Circle #204, Brentwood, TN 37027
615-377-4913 • fax 615-373-498








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Any info on the Heritage Revolution?



The Revolution was one of the earliest amps made by Heritage. I wonder if it morphed into one of the other models like the Burrell or Freedom.


Not much known about it, but here's a video of a guy doing a demo. Unfortunately his limited playing ability doesn't help promote what it can sound like.


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a worthy topic indeed, but a word on the connection between Heritage Guitars and Heritage Amplification. the guy that did marketing for the guitars in Kalamazoo, MI, was co-owner of another company that built amps in Brentwood, TN. there was no other connection. none of the guitar shop owners had anything to do with the amp company.




(still lovin' my colonial, briton ii, victory head, one-off by PaulC that's basically a Marshal JCM800)

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