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Joyann Parker on an H-150

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Thought Joyann might join Minni to Kzoo this year, being a Heritage fan, a heck of a nice person and super talented (I think).  But the reception a wee bit cool... albeit open and free.  (sigh)

Thanks for posting, tho, Fred.  Appreciate the effort calling attention to fellow Heritage players making a go at it.  Myself, well I vehemently (and openly and freely) disagree with some of the opinions and find it... odd, really, that we'd place a... what.. competitive arc on shared performances?  Kinda think a face to face wouldn't have such a discourse.

But more a 'Golden Rule' kinda outlook here, tho, so different approach is all. 

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Personally,  I am digging her vocals.   I've pulled up quite a few of her videos, and she's got a great, smooth voice.    Envy is a really good tune!

It a way, she reminds me of a young Susan Tedeschi.    She was good on her own, but once she hooked up with Derek and assembled a stellar band behind her, she really took off.   Its all about playing to your strengths.  

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2 hours ago, fxdx99 said:



2018-05-23 08_21_17-Presentation1 - PowerPoint.png

Fair post, Randy

Sorry if I came across overly dorkish.

Im not really feeling any music lately, maybe my post understated what I meant because of my disconnect with music.

  I can still recognize honest music. I like that Joyanns music is stripped down the way it is. No crap to wade through.




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On 5/16/2018 at 5:05 AM, JeffB said:

Sounds good. I like her playing style and sounds, all seems about right, authentic and honest. Good vibrato.


Well... didn't take it as such, but if it is then that's my kind of dorkish,.  I'd take that any day of the week, Jeff!  :)

Sorry, overkill on trying to make a point I suppose.  Oh well.

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