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Selling my 1988 Heritage Eagle Custom in Sweden. Need help with price.

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Hello Heritage people, 

I have a Heritage Eagle Custom from 1988; possibly 1997, if you judge by the serial number: D12702, that I which to sell. I bought it in Brooklyn 2017 from Main Drag Music. 

Here is a short description of the guitar by Main Drag Music: 

"A beautiful guitar from the old Gibbons factory-made by the great people at Heritage. 18" at the lower bout, cloud inlays on a Rosewood fingerboard. The top, back, sides, and neck all made from Mahogany. Original finish showing some honest wear and a small chip out of the binding on the treble side at the 14th fret. Electronics and hardware are original and in fine shape. In good condition."

Since I bought it, there have, unfortunately, been a small accident which caused a crack in the neck - I have, however, repaired the crack at a local guitar shop. 

My question to you guys is: How much can a ask for this guitar? Important to mention here is that I live in Sweden, where Heritage is very unusual. I do reckon that this could make the price even higher then if I were to sell it in the US. 

I appreciate any help you can provide. 

Greeting from Sweden! 


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Heritage archtops are majestically beautiful instruments that do not have a huge demand.  Being large jazz boxes, they are some of the best you can get for the money. 

I believe yours maybe a Super Eagle, only because of the bound inlaid neck and 2 pickup configuration.  You'll have to check the label.  I won't claim to have any sort of expert knowledge on those models.

Looking at the used asking prices on Reverb, $3000 to $5000 seems to be the asking price.

However, the SOLD prices are a different story, only 4 sales in the past few years on that site, ranging fro $1700 to $2200.

My guesstimate would be around $2500 to $3500.  

Do keep in mind, guitars of this value and demand, it will take some time to sell.  Could be months or even years.

eagle pricing.JPG

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I’m in Sweden too. That looks like an all mahogany Eagle except it’s 18 inches and has set in humbuckers. Haven’t seen any Super Eagles like that but they made lots of different guitars back then. My all mahogany Eagle was around 25k SEK when I bought it, might have gone up some since then. Yours would probably be some more given the inlays and size, but a repaired neck crack is likely to impact the price. Reverb is useless these days with pure fantasy prices, recent policy changes make people go elsewhere with their sales. These are great guitars, best of luck with the sale. 

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