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So I have this wonderful 70's Ibanez Concord 12 string which looks like a Gibbons SJ-200 and has an amazingly warm and jangly tone. Unfortunately I have never been able to find a capo that works on it. I had tried ever kind of capo known to manĀ  except one, the Thalia capo. Another guitar player in one of my bands had one on his Ibanez 12 and it worked like a charm on mine. He paid $82.50 for his. These capos start at $65 and go up to $200 as they are inlaid with all kinds of exotic stuff. I found one on their site and bought it as it was on sale for $52. Unfortunately it has the Gibbons logo on it. Oh well.....at least I have a capo for the 12 string. I have to admit, pricey as these capos are, they are really nice. I wish someone would come out with a more utilitarian version.....same design but no inlay.

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