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Unexpected NGD (H150 content)

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Hello everyone! It had been quite a few years since I have had a Heritage NGD to celebrate.  I was at a local shop and stumbled across this.  After playing it for just a minute or two, I knew I had to have it.  It is a 2016 Heritage H-150 in almond sunburst.  Its a lot more cherry red around the edges than the pictures came out.  The pictures give it more of an orange-y vibe than it really has in person.  It has quite a few mods as well.  I know some might not like the mods, as it makes it appear more "G"--style, but it feels and sounds perfect so I am not messing with anything.  Once I get playing I dont seem to think about all that stuff anyways.  The mods, as described by the shop--not sure how to verify (not that I particularily care) are as follows:

Wizz PAF pickups

Wizz M-69 pickup rings

"G" historic pickguard, switch tip, and poker chip

Historic Makeovers long tailpiece studs

Historic Makeovers amber bell knobs

Historic Makeovers cellulose nitrate inlays

Enjoy the pics, I am really enjoying this instrument at the moment!










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Beautiful 150! 

Perfect top and finish.

  Like the mods for sure but question replacing MOP with MOT.

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Love it !!    There's a lot to like about that 150.   One of the most interesting was the cellulose inlays,  we don't see that conversion done often.   

Great top .. an all around winner. 

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