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35 minutes ago, rockabilly69 said:

An improvement is obviously in the eye of the beholder. The L5s guitars that I have are some of the best sounding guitars I have ever heard, and as I said, mine aren't heavy like many of them were. And their craftsmanship is off the charts good. The flame maple is gorgeous, and the ebony on the fingerboard is as black and smooth as I've seen anywhere, and the artistic touches (cupid bow, the abalone and pearl inlays, etc). If you were to hold one in your hands, you would immediately know what I'm talking about. There's a reason they were the 2nd most expensive solid body guitar Gibbons was producing in those years. The only more expensive Gibbons solid body was "THE LES PAUL", which was just a gussied up Les Paul which cost 3 x times more the Les Paul Custom! I'm sure many people love their Millies, especially the ones with the custom work like the one Pressure had made with the finger tailpiece, and the spruce top, but to me, there is no comparison, as they are two different animals. 

I was implying more of a weight relief, certainly not about appointments or craftsmanship.

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2 hours ago, MartyGrass said:

I once had a Les Paul Raw Power, which was 100% maple.  It was surprisingly light at 9 lbs.  I had previously thought maple is heavy.

I actually liked the looks of those, the natural one I think looked the best with the maple neck! I don;t know if you knew this but the reason the were lighter was because they were weight relieved. They never mentioned that in the ad copy, but they were. As a matter of fact, every Les Paul from that era not made in the custom shop was weight relieved!!! 

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6 hours ago, MartyGrass said:

I did not know that.  Mine was the natural.

I took years before Gibbons would admit to weight relieving the carved top Les Pauls. They started it in 1982, but they only let on to it when people started bitching about it, I think someone saw a bunch of holes in their Standard going through an airport scanner. It was only until recently that you could by a USA production Les Paul, The Traditional, without the weight relief. There are a few USA production models now without weight relief. I know the USA LP standard 50's and 60's model don't have weight relief. All the modern ones and the Classic still have it.

Even in ad copy from a few years ago they didn't mention when they started doing it! http://legacy.Gibbons.com/News-Lifestyle/Gear-Tech/en-us/Wide-World-of-Weight-Relief.aspx

You can see here which ones are weight relieved now...

https://www.Gibbons.com/Guitars/Les Paul





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Sorry....when someone was referring to their L5s, I thought they were referring to plural L5s. When I said that it must be the camera angle because my L5s are fatter, I meant that as plural. God, this is so complicated sometimes.....

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