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Let go of a Parsons St classic for a modern era Parsons St classic

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I was presented with a very tough trade choice this week.  

As you probably read in my other thread, I was tech-ing on a beautiful 20th Anniversary H150.  I lent my 71 LPC to him while I was working on the 20th.  

The discussion got brought up of a trade.  My 71 for the 20th.  At first I was very hesitant...it was my birth year Les Paul that I never thought about parting with.  

After spending some quality time with the 20th, I began to fall in love with it...so it’s a done deal!



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I've debated a few times about trading off my 76 Strat (as it was my birth year).

However, since I found that guitar with my Dad in my hometown and he loved listening to me play, I've kept it.

I do let my son play it as its beat and he's not going to hurt it.

Kudos you Brent.  I'm sure in your guitar acquisitions, you'll find another fabulous guitar from '71.

Hope you enjoy that H150.

Have a demo video ready yet?

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There was a similar anniversary model on GC used for some time last year for a fraction of the cost of a '71 LPC, damn, I'd have traded for an pre maple neck Kalamazoo LPC in a heartbeat!

Was it a weight thing?

I had a '72 I let go for a non-reverse vintage FB (which are amazing guitars). However it was about 13lbs and still had the original wire, quite frankly was too clean of a guitar for me as there were barely any scratches on it, the bird was nice and beat up.

I like H150s, but a good feeling, decent weight, refretted black early 70's LPC is a thing of beauty. Last black 9 pounder I saw came into a shop at 4g's and was gone in a matter of hours. 

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