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West amps article in guitar player

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Fantastic! Extremely high quality builds. And Dave West was an awesome person. I once ordered some west labs transformers and other various parts for some builds from him, and when he realized I was in Michigan he invited me over to pick them up in person. Gave me the full tour of his home, including his studio setup and rooms chocked full of amps and parts. We talked amps for what was probably hours, and he shared quite a bit of his wisdom with me. 

Was very sad to hear when he passed back in 2015. 

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Thanks - saw and enjoyed reading that article.  in the 70s, after he (Dave) broke ties with the West brand and prior to getting into software, he had a storefront in Lansing on Michigan Ave where he branded/built/sold 'P.A.S' power amps and 'Milo' cabinets.  The bass player in our band at the time worked for him building cabs and generally watching the store.  As such, a side benefit to the band was big PA and truck to haul it in (same band had a B3/Leslie guy and I was using an Ampeg V4 had/cab so lotsa heavy stuff).  Before I'd met Dave, I knew of him and his amps and had a West speaker cab I played bass thru w/an Ampeg B15 head.  Sounded good.  Eventually bought my own PAS amp w/Milo cabs/horns (and Tapco mixer) when most of the band moved to Phoenix (I stayed behind in Mich as still had a year to go at MSU).

See that Dave's son has been posting some stuff about West Labs and potentially is thinking of relaunching some guitar amps from those 60s designs.




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I never knew about West amps back in the day.    Interesting read, especially the part about Sunn amps having a Dyanco power amp and modified preamp inside the cabinet.   If you knew about electronics back then, I guess it was pretty common to start doing custom stuff.

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The preferred amp of many of the Detroit bands of the day. A bass player in a band I was in in the late 60's had one. Loud amp and gave him that Jack Bruce sound. 

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