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Last month my always quite Fender Princeton Reverb tube amp developed a loud hiss.  I  took my amp in to get it repaired at a high end retail shop in Cleveland.  The owner was out of town and one of the employees advised that they sell amps but no longer repair amps.  He did advise me where I should go for repairs.  The recommendation was Shockproof Sound Services.  I met with the owner, Blackie Pagano when I dropped the amp off for repair.  I got the amp back this week and it sounds fantastic.  If you live in the greater Cleveland area and are in need an expert tube amp repair technician, Blackie is your man.  Check out his credentials on his web site, Shockproofsound.com   There are not a lot of tube amp repair shops in Cleveland. I just wanted to give my fellow Clevelanders a expert repair shop option.   

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Who knows? I may have to send my amps to Cleveland if my new guys doesn't work out. I live in a very expensive tragically hip mountain town and there is nobody that can repair tube amps. I just sent an amp 160 miles away to Billings as there is an old guy that apparently does tube amps. The only guy in my town is an old marine electronics guy who lives and breathes tubes and can do great work as long as the amp was designed before 1970. He admits he is lost on anything fairly modern with things like MIDI switching or FX loops. 

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