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Some Heritage Patriotism for this day


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Although I love the handwork, it's a little too over the top for me. I like some of the inlays, the stars on the bridge, and especially the headstock three stars, and the back of the headstock Liberty Bell, but everything else is just too much for my tastes. But I know, everyone is different, and I can see why so  many people would love this! 

One of these day I will find a Golden Eagle that's perfect for me. But I want one without too much bling. 

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I know what you mean by bling.  But after a while you start to appreciate the extreme detail that adds nothing to its sound.

I've had a chance over the years to talk with Marv Lamb, Aaron Cowles, Maudie Moore, and JP Moats about the design.  They wanted to put everything into this instrument.

The American spirit had been low with the Tehran hostages, the economy doing very poorly, and the Challenger exploding.  Of course Gibson moved to Nashville hurting the Kalamazoo economy badly.  But it was all starting to turn around.  Heritage was now making and selling guitars with growth projections, inflation dropped to 4% and unemployment plummeted to 6%.  Kalamazoo was recovering nicely.

To change things up, here's someone wearing bling while playing a very simple instrument.  That works, too.




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