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Hello my friends. Long time lurker, infrequent poster here. It's a winter-dark overcast day here but the hearthside vibes and spirits are good. I have a couple new friends here;

If you've visited the Marketplace forum recently you will have no doubt noticed postings by Dr. Guitar, aka Marty Grass. I have managed to land a couple of beautiful K-zoo objets d'art. A H-555 built by Heritage for Vince Lewis, and an H-150 loaded with SD p rails. If I could bottle the joy of anticipation with the even greater joys of enjoying these beauties, well that would truly be somethin. Along with a stunning Sweet 16, also landed from Marty Grass, and a Gibbons 175-ish by the wonderful Pete Moreno (thank you Fernando), my Kalamazoo gits will keep me warm no matter how dark the winter. While I'm at it, Happy Holidays to all the wonderful boys and girls at HOC. Best always...


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1 hour ago, TalismanRich said:

I was wondering who was going to snag that SWEET 555.    I think you got an awesome guitar there.

I was just playing it unplugged and it was resonating beautifully. It's alive!

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