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2 hours ago, Quazimodo said:


I have a hunch there might be a story to tell.  

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My Heritage guitar collection over the past 14 years has been a bumpy roller coaster ride.
At the moment, I only have TWO Heritage guitars.  An H-155 Custom Shop Limited and a H-150 Custom Core.




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From owning  11 or so Heritages down to these 4 keepers...image.jpg.5ec8b2369272775e69b39b01b505f7f1.jpg549885646_H-555Custom.thumb.jpg.ebacbcf510122eeac95bfb5e3c089ab9.jpg38752761_H-535P90.thumb.jpg.b2f29b0889a8d6a147dc54dacc8be46a.jpg2048266168_GoldenEagle.thumb.jpg.2b0a0d0ffbc1b342e11d2f23e8425f26.jpg11

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25 minutes ago, bsck1 said:

.....and those are four mighty fine keepers!

Yes they are.  Thanks

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On 4/23/2022 at 12:37 PM, Quazimodo said:


From years past.  Huntsville, AL.  😉



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