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NuPD: BOSS Dm-2w - WazaCraft Analogue Delay

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Hi All,

as a post Covid week recovery gift for myself 🤠

it's used and in great conditions (saved £45)
it's the reissue of the most known Dm-2 from the 80s made in Japan

good tone, though I think an original one has some more vintage mojo but for me it's good enough
the two modes make it as almost two pedals in one

great for some Rreverb too, it can take an expression pedal
and has two outputs, one for dry signal

I put it at the end of my current pedal chain (sorry for the not so great smartphone picture)

what analogue delay/reverb do you guys&gals use? 🙂


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I have a JSH 3 series analog delay and a Ibanez Mini Analog Delay.  Both sound great, but I don't get more than a bit of an ambient sound from them.  

The Waza Craft stuff is supposed to be an amazing lineup from Boss.

As far as pedal chain is concerned, the delay is the last effect in my chain as well.

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Posted (edited)

I have the Behringer clone of that original Boss pedal. Works well & was inexpensive. Actually I bought 2x of them, they were so cheap. I want to solder a cap in to shave the high end off the repeats though.

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