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Fulltone CA operations are closing after 30 years.


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That's too bad.

I have his MDV-2 Vibe pedal.   There were great to to deal with then it developed a problem about a year or so in.   Sent it back and the went through everything, found the bad opto sensor, and sent back free of charge.   No hassles, no questions, just good service. 

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rockabilly69, yes I think the Full Drive in all its version is a great Drive, great pedal boards there as usual  🙂 
the v3 I think it's my favourite....maybe I'll buy one

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Bolero,  it sounds like it's permanent as far as making pedals for normal sale.   However, he seems to taking steps to insure that no one decides to profit off his work and good name.

“I’m closing the Fulltone CA Shop because I will not start pumping my personal money into a business that no longer turns a profit… this four year climate makes 100 per cent made in the USA impossible,” the statement continued.

The alleged letter seemed to indicate Fulltone’s intent of remaining a “valid corporation” and that founder Mike Fuller will continue to protect his “$3M worth of worldwide trademarks & patent” and will “build a few pedals here and there as I am vividly aware of what it takes to keep my brand from being stolen.”

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Think I only had a single Fulltone over the years, Full Drive 2 Mosfet; back when they were at their height of popularity, they were not affordable for me.  Which may be what lead to their demise.  So hard to complete with the clones coming from China (like Joyo, Donnor, and even Amazon), its any wonder how any company can complete with their offerings.

Their Octafuzz, Supra-Trem, Deja-Vibe, and Clyde Deluxe were some of the best offerings at one point of time if I recall.

Anyone worth their salt in the professional world used the OCD it seemed.

The Pilmsoul was a favorite of a few guitar teachers I followed on YouTube.

That being said, its said to see them go away they were an really industry staple for a long, long time.  Perhaps the first big "boutique" pedal builder there was.  

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1 hour ago, JeffB said:

I kept the FD2 in case I ever found the urge to gig again. It works.

I don't remember anything about buying it, when or where, but I remember it being on my board more often than not.

I don't remember when I got mine either, and there was a short time where I swapped it out with other overdrives, but I always came back to it. It's one of the few overdrives that would work with all of my electric guitars, and even with my magnetic pickup equipped acoustics which I play blues slide guitar on. But eventually I replaced it with the the Fulldrive 3 which is VERY similar in tone but is a bit more versatile.

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I have a Full Drive II that I purchased early on. Inside and on the bottom are hand drawn goodies. It did not work when I called mike up and asked him

what to do. Over the phone he directed me to snip a wire between two whatchamacallit's and presto it has worked all these years. Those were the days.


The pedal, for what I play is grainy and too Gainy. Is Gainy a word?  I still have it but try not to use it. Best wishes to Mike on his retirement.


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I really like my Fulltone gear: well made & sounds awesome:

Clyde deluxe wah

Tube tape echo




  I think he really kickstarted the whole high-quality boutique pedal industry too, when he started out? Anyway, I hope he keeps releasing stuff in the future.



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