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Eventide H90 Demo

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That Skylar seems like it would be an interesting pedal to play around with; one might find it's way onto my Christmas wish list. 

The eventide H90 is intriguing too, just also comes with an intriguing price; and the two intriguing's are cancelling each other out, lol

Awesome to see both being demo'd with H150's :thumbsup:

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I think the Skylar cood be covered by the H90 in terms of tones, configrations and algos

but the price makes an interesting difference

long live the H150

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I really like all those spacey sounds.   Chorus, Leslie, reverb, and stuff like that are really fun to play with,  but at $900,   I'll stick with the ones I've got.    Surely someone is going to find a great use for it, though.

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