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NGD: Custom Golden Eagle


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This one was built in 2011.  Some of you may remember Patrick, the New York Heritage rep from that time.  This was his once.

Patrick made fairly frequent trips to Heritage for business reasons and to have some custom builds for himself.  I usually had dinner with him and played instruments during those visits.  Sometimes Heritage had guitars they'd sell him at a discount.  This was one of them.

A customer ordered an antique natural GE with a 1 3/4" nut and a single mounted pickup.  He wanted cross bracing and a solid fretboard extension like the D'Angelicos and Johnny Smiths.  Lastly he wanted split block inlays.  Heritage built two of them, as was often the case in custom orders like this in case something happened during the build.  This one was the leftover.  The neck is a nice C shape.

Patrick had the finger tailpiece replaced with one of the last Heritage fancy ebony block ones.

He sold it to me on his return trip to Heritage.  I sold it or traded it about a year later.  That is one I regretted losing.

There was a striking picture Patrick had of it face down on his bed that showed dramatic flame.  I don't have that anymore, but it is rare to see such a thing.

Today I got the guitar back from a HOC member.  He can post if he wants to be known.  The guitar is in the same shape as when I had it.  Shipping was done as well as I've ever seen.  The box took a little bit of a pounding, but the guitar was packed like a pro.








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Congratulations Mark. Always a blessing when you get a boomerang guitar especially one that special.  Patrick was a colorful individual.  

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Today is the first time I've played this in years.

It sounds as good as it looks.  The feel of the neck came back to me in an instant.  It has a full C carve that fills the hand.

I will restring it and spray out the pots when I have more time.

All is well.

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