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NAD Paisley Blue Sierra PRS

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I've enjoyed my DG30 custom so much  I was looking for another of Doug Sewell's masterpieces .  The Blue Sierra was one of the initial models from PRS Custom Amp Dept . This is the model Derek Trucks plays .  50w hand wired EL 34 ( can run 6L6's) with a 2x12 that has seperate jacks (custom) so you can run it as a single 12 /share the cab with another amp or run both ..  Just love the Paisley ...



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The Blue Sierra is a close back , it just arrived  ...VERY clean Texas  blackface Super Reverb tone  if you plug straight in . Much more sparly than the DG30 , as Grissom doesn't like bright amps as he's a bridge pickup guy

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If you keep the Master low and dime the volume you get outrageous thick fuzz , bring the master up a bit and it gets ferocious. 

For the Curious the pedal board : Xotic Sweet Sauce booster->Fender MTG Tube Distortion (old school) -> Keely Dark Side->Boss Auto-Wah -Keeley Hooke Reverb-: TC Stereo Chorus/Trem/Flanger -> split path 1 DG 30 / path 2 Trex Quint octave pedal set with 50% 1 octave down, 25% 5th to Blue Sierra

Very fun to stack the gains of the first 3 stages as the Dark side has a wicked fuzz I have set to full range (vs scoop /flat) .. Santana in a box at bedroom volumes
It also has phase/univibe/flange/leslie/delay that are quiet fun , the Hooke has Univibe/reverb and Trem /verb settings .. stacking the univibes is wild! 

Kick in the quint ( which I typically use for fiddle to add "reediness) and it sounds SO wicked.

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Thanks folks , had a local artist play through it and the smile would put a chesire cat to shame .. She loved the H535 through it. 


Yes Bolero , The Dark Side fuzz on the right side  ( Flat/Full/Scoop toggle)  on the other side  it has Flange/Rotary   Delay   and Phaze / Univibe.  The DG30 loves the overdrive pedals , the Blue Sierra has so much gain they are completley wasted. 

The rotary switch goes from one effect to the other for the dual sounds, in the middle you get a bit of both ... a very cool pedal .   Stacked univibes  ( with the Hooke ) is just cool 4 days    there's a button up top if you run both effects you can chose fuzz pre or post 

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