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Heritage lacquer formula changes and checking

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On 2/11/2023 at 2:44 PM, bolero said:

I can't believe some of the crazy shit people do to their guitars. Do people buy PRS private stock guitars & throw them in the freezer, "relic" them too?

They ship them to the “ Czech Republic “ 

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On 2/11/2023 at 8:16 PM, TalismanRich said:

I think of checking of the finish the same way I think of rust developing on a car...    I don't want it,  I don't need it.   I personally don't think it makes a guitar look or feel better.   If you play a guitar for 20 years and it wears the finish off and gets a few dents, fine.   If you drive a car 100,000 miles, it's going to get chips in the paint,  a ding or two on the doors, maybe a bit of rust in the fender well.  That's natural.    But to stick a guitar in a freezer and then hitting it with a hair dryer is, to me,  the same as taking rocks and throwing them at your nice new 2023 Charger Hellcat,  then taking a disk sander to the paint.   Maybe a whack with a hammer on the tail light so you can put some red tape over the hole, just to give it that extra bit of flair.    When was the last time you saw someone take their new car home and do that?

Just my personal opinion about fake relicing.  I know others feel differently.

Just so you know Rich, cars in Florida will go 300,000+ miles without rust in the fender well.  ☺️

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