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  1. I saw this today. Old subject was archived. https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/legal/dispute-between-Gibbons-and-competitor-moving-forward/article_1f9ae247-a660-5c82-bed1-2e3e2ee52f9a.html
  2. As far as electronics. I've used both of these companies with great success. They have drop in kits and individual parts. https://rs-guitarworks.myshopify.com/ https://www.mojotone.com/
  3. Congratulations Rob. You're going to love it!
  4. Is that one of the Thalia TRC that you've been working on with them?
  5. Those outfits are a hoot!
  6. Look closely at the flower and you see MM. Maudie Moore's signature. She's a special lady in guitar history. https://www.namm.org/library/oral-history/maudie-moore
  7. Usually it was The Heritage and you are right I've ordered headstocks that weren't typical for the model but just ornamentally. Always had The Heritage on it.
  8. That was my first PSP. Had great fun and met some Great People! Wish I still had that Blue one. Lance was late to the party............again. 😄
  9. Welcome aboard motoputz. Love your handle. You've joined a good forum full of Heritage lovers. What area are you from?
  10. Paul Munden from Iowa. It's in the OP
  11. I've talked to CJ a few times recently looking for a H-357. Great guy. I think he said he has 19 of them but I couldn't talk him into selling me one. He has had a band a long time and his son plays with him. He told me he uses them all. Marv told me he made a all walnut one for him that CJ provided the wood for it. He did say he'd keep my info if he changed his mind.
  12. Marv told me they actually sprayed blue over the yellow to get the emerald green color. He thought if he didn't spray it Floyd did.
  13. Thanks. 7.6 lbs. First impression of pickups are they are very tight and punchy. It needs new strings and a good setup. I will see after that.
  14. Thanks. Green? My first impression to my ears is not good. I have to change the very old strings and set-up a little to make a good evaluation.
  15. Got a chance to play it a little. The pickups are very articulate and punchy. Definitely needs a string change. Needs a little fine tuning on set-up so still evaluating. This guitar is very minty. Not played much at all. I'm a lucky and grateful soul! Some specs on it: Ebony finger board, multiple bound. Trapezoid abalone markers. All flamed maple construction with mahogany strips. Custom finish color. Bartolini pickups. Jury is still out on them. All gold hardware with banjo type tuners, pearl buttons. 5 ply pickguard 7.67 lbs. Some more
  16. Thank you. I will. Good journey that ended well. Thanks Thank you Tim. Emerald Green. I named her Dorothy! Thanks. New cover already ordered.
  17. I don't know what happened with the text alignment. Can't change it. A few more pics. The Abalone is beautiful and has some green it for the win.
  18. Deep searches and what ended up a little luck and I found a beauty with a story. I've been searching for a H-357 for awhile now. Contacted owners of the one's I owned that weren't willing to sell and I don't blame them. I found this custom that was ordered by Paul Munden in Iowa. He was from what I hear a good luthier down there for years. Paul recently passed and a friend of his is helping his adult children move all the guitars and equipment and what sounds like hundreds of parts for them. His name is Tony Gonzales. Tony was great to work with, tough negotiator but we ag
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