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The Bird has Landed (Marvbird)

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On 5/15/2021 at 3:20 AM, rockabilly69 said:

Congrats on that guitar! Good to see minis in it, because I think they are part of the classic Firebird tone. I used to love the tone Johnny Winter got out of his. Hopefully it just needs a string change, but, if you aren't happy with the Bartolini pickups, check out Klein for their take on Firebird pickups which have true vintage construction with Alnico 5 Bar magnets and the steel reflector plate. And they are the right heat too. Klein makes a special set called the Kauer wind with a slightly overwound bridge pickup which I think is needed and even more so on a maple body. And speaking of maple bodies, I can't believe how light your is. That is great!


That mini pickup is why I love my LPJ Doublecut Kit.  I swapped out a P90 with a Mini-Humbucker.  Something about an all mahogany guitar just sounds perfect with that pickup combination. 

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