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Heritage H150 hardware/electronics question

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I’ve just acquired my 3rd Heritage and looking into my options to upgrade electronics/pickups and plastics. This is a 2015 H150 and I’m wondering if wiring harnesses/plastics designed for Gibbys generally fit Heritages. Also wanted to know if I should use pots with long shafts and if I should order pickups with long leg frames or short. Here’s a link to the plastics I was looking at: https://www.creamtone.com/collections/pickguards-and-pickup-rings-for-Gibbons-guitars/products/pickguard-set-in-cream-modern-rings-for-usa-les-paul-nos

If anyone has any brands or kits they’ve used that are a good fit (plastics or pots) for H150s of the same era that would be much appreciated as well. Thanks!!

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2015, you’ll be just fine with long mounting legs. You can also use short shaft pots. Pickup rings are whatever you want to get, as there shouldn’t be any issues with fit. The pickguard will most likely not fit, as there may be discrepancies in distance between the pickups, and also issues with the top mounting screw location. MojoAxe.com has done some Gibbons shaped pickguards for Heritage guitars. I’d contact Dan at MojoAxe regarding the guard. As far as pre made wiring harnesses, I’m not 100% as I usually make my own, but I’d have to think that they should fit. Again I’m not 100% on that.

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Long legged pickups can be a bit of an issue with a lot of earlier Heritage guitars.   The Alnico Pro 2s just barely fit in my H-140,  there was no room to adjust the neck pickup down if I had wanted.   My H-157 (2003) was too shallow to fit a pair of Seth Lovers.   I kept the Schallers in there instead.   The Seths are sitting on  a shelf in the basement.

Newer models should not have an issue as they are routinely using the SD59s which have the long legs.

As for pots,  all of mine have short shafts.  I once tried to replace a pot with a long shaft that I had on hand,  and it was WAY too long.  

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