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H-535 Custom Core?


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14 hours ago, DonA said:

I which direction are in a 535 1/4" narrower than a 335?  My '19 measures the same as my 335 did (the 535 replaced the 335).  These guitars have pretty big dimensional tolerances.




Both, my '64 Memphis Reissue 345 and my Murphy Ultra light aged '61 335 are approximately 0.25" wider in the body (rim width) than both my 555 & 535.  Ren, told me specifically that the 535/555s are a little narrower (to reduce feedback) and the F holes are a little wider on Heritages.  If your 335 is not a reissue of a particular vintage year, maybe your 335 is a little narrower than the vintage year reissue Gibbys?

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I've heard others say that 535s are considerably thinner than 335s.  I wonder if Heritage increased the thickness to be closer to the ES335 in recent years.

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On 4/23/2023 at 9:36 AM, brentrocks said:

I have a feeling that that will probably be coming next year, no, I do not have an inside track, it’s just a guess

You're close. 😁

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2 hours ago, cristo said:

My reason for opening up Custom Shop or Bespoke program to the hollow body models:

I'd like to get a H535 with SS frets and an ebony fretboard and Seth Lover PUs.


I like your 535 specs and also hope Heritage offers more options/upgrades. 

Back in the pre-Plaza days, Heritage built a bunch of non-spec guitars and custom one-offs subject to customer requests.

My 2008 was ordered with a custom color, chunky neck, ebony fretboard and Phat Cat p'ups.  I swapped in Seths. 

I love this golden girl.


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