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Almost ready.




We finally gave our band a name! We have opted for "Route 62" which is a spoof on Route 66. The M62 motorway runs from the east coast to the west coast and passes just north of my home town by about three miles or so. It is actually Englands busiest motorway. So, as we travel along it on a regular basis, we thought why not? the last band Shaun and I were is was given this name but it didn't get off the ground.


I think (and this is only my personal opinion) that so many bands start rehearsing all the stuff that can at times take for ever to get done and no momentum is gained. Once again we have rehearsed songs which although simple are very effective, some more so than I thought would be. This week they were very easy, so we got five in. On saying that though, sometimes the ones you think will be easy end up throwing a spanner in the works. Terry, our excellent drummer, was having quite the time sorting out the beat to Wonderful tonight, which is our obligatory end of dance "bum squeezer". How ever, we came up with a good version of it and we were all pleased. As our first gig is a dance, we have put a lot of sings in that folks can dance to, including some good old fashioned rock and roll, my personal favourite being the old JOnhhy Kidd and the Pirates number, "I'll never get over you". One number I really like that we put in as an extra that took us no more than two goes to nail was "Knife and Fork", which is an old Rockpile number, really good.


One thing we now need to do is get some pictures taken of us. We have started a facebook page just last night, so it is really early days on that. Our bass players son is really good with computer stuff so he is going to help us build a web site, I don't know how long it will be before we get it up and running, but sooner rather than later. We have not looked for gigs yet, but we have two to play so far. One on April 26th and another in May.


We've now had four rehearsals and we have 19 songs in the bag, next week will be our last practice before our first booking, we have worked out that we will have enough material for two forty minute sets. I myself would rather play one longer set but the event organizers want two, so two it will be. Next week the main object will be to run through our set and just add a couple more.


I now have my strat back from my son, he has neglected to wipe the strings clean after using it so the first thing I will do is put new strings on.


We are getting very tight now, which is great, and we are getting to know each other really well "musically", if you know what I mean.


Thanks for reading.



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