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  2. Check this out. On our site.
  3. I had no idea they ever made a guitar like that! I googled it, it a really cool guitar. It’s time to bring it back.
  4. I have one of the tele things you are talking about, Christopher. It is the Leon Rhodes signature model....set neck, tele body with three pick ups, pelham blue, and it is cool as shit. I am a fan of the strat type models too as I have (one of each) the 160 and 162. My all time fave is still my H-170.
  5. How about the 137? That should come back and have a Jr version too, single and double cut. For something completely different there could be a set neck guitar that covers the Tele thing. Long scale, similar pickups and controls and woods but a 3x3 headstock and maybe a 10 degree angle.
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  7. The 357 is Marv's baby. IMO, they should ask Marv for his blessing before bringing it back as a matter of respect. I'd like to see the 157 and the 150LW come back.
  8. H-357 is pretty labor intensive (IIRC). If they made them, I’m sure they’d cost a pretty penny. I wouldn’t mind the return of the H-157 though.
  9. H-357 is a stretch. I would like to see them get the Custom Shop going. I have a lot of ideas for a build.
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  11. To bring back some classics? How about the H-357, Stat and H-140? It gets a little boring seeing the same shapes coming out of Kalamazoo. This is just my personal opinion but I feel that if you have seen one of these current H-150's, you have seen them all. They say that variety is the spice of life. Please Heritage, bring back some spice. y2kc
  12. Me too. Maybe a step in the wrong direction. The full contact bridge base is a step in the right direction. Me too. But I imagine if I bought one it wouldn't look like that. 😞
  13. I would love to see a return to the original wood pick guards
  14. That natural one had some SERIOUS flame and killer woody tone!
  15. It would seem, to those paying even casual attention, that I did. Yes. You may refer to the first post in the thread if you're unsure.
  16. I wonder what they have done that is different from the standard line, other than the headstock size, inlays, pickups and pick guard.
  17. They sounded nice in the videos, and looked beautiful. My only gripe is that they should have used nicer, translucent faux tortoise for the guard and truss cover. That laminated product looks cheap.
  18. All you can do is test the water.
  19. Just opened the e-mail and watched the YouTube demo videos of the Custom Core 575's. The sunburst is one of the most beautiful guitars I've ever laid eyes on! Color's perfect, and the tortoise shell pick guard and matching truss rod cover complement it perfectly. A very vintage vibe piece! Well done, boys and girls!!
  20. LenzGuitar

    H157 Goldtop

    1st Goldtop H-157 I've seen and H.R.W.s Great find!
  21. What do all of you see as a fair price for a Johnny Smith Rose in blond. I have a Sunburst I love and it plays great. I am thinking a blond should sell for around $5000-$5250 tops. While mine is better than the 2 GJS I did own they still sell for quite a bit more. I always have the out clause in my mind in case I have to sell. I realize deales are going to be asking more by realistically I cannot see a much higher selling price.
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