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  2. My H-537 came with a cream plastic pick guard. I sent Arnie over at Embers Guitar Station the pick guard and he going to make me a maple one and finish it in translucent orange to match the guitar.
  3. This one is an early h-147, some of you may already have seen it from my topic. It inherited from my late brother who had bought it probably circa early 2000s from Istanbul Turkey. From what I'd heard from my bro, the previous owner could be a German. A piece of history isn't it? Schaller pegs 'made in west Germany'. And probably Schaller pups, as the early 80s models got (As some friends told me here). Although I'm not a les paul type body fan, this one is amazing, lightweight and still got lots of sustain. Wish I could date it with the serial number, however it is vanished.
  4. My other two 535s have wooden pick guards too.
  5. People could just play the living crap out of their guitars, and they will age all by themselves. After 20 years of gigging in Phoenix, my Heritage guitars are all aged very well, especially "Blackie" and my goldtop. Just play and sweat. It will get to the right place. rooster.
  6. I've got 4 Heritage guitars, 3 are H-150s and 1 is a H-170 with a "B" serial number, and a cracked/repaired headstock joint. They all play and sound great, and none of them sound like each other, even though they have the same (Bill, Becky, and Shannon Lawrence) pickups. Those pickups put the sound of the wood out front, not the sound of the wire. Perfect for Heritage guitars, the best LPs ever. In my opinion. rooster.
  7. Wow, that's cool! Love the fretboard inlays on it πŸ‘Œ
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  9. No worries mate, I believe you. Here’s Sammy with his lefty strung upside down
  10. It was custom built as a lefty righty by forum member Greg many yeas ago in 2003, it's changed hands a lot since!l then!
  11. Look a lot like a lefty, upside down players guitar, Sammy. But I think he has a H-110 like that....
  12. I've had the RE20 for over 10 years and it's still one the board so that should say something. When I first got it I though, it was kind of noisy, but I found out it was the power supply. I was using a One Spot, but I swapped that for a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power +,and it quieted right up. The preamp in has an analog feel, can get dirty, and the echos are a little smoother than most digital pedals, so all in all it has worked out great for me. I am a stickler for rhythm and the tap tempo function on it is very important to me. I also like that is has reverb (limited but cool) and some
  13. You're welcome. This is a great place for advice on all sorts of guitar-related things. If it's your first Heritage, it won't belong before you get a second, then a third... πŸ™‚
  14. Hi Bob, thanks for your reply. My guitar repairer could easily reset it as you suggested. By righty lefty, the first owner wanted a lefty guitar but strung up and set up like a righty. The opposite of that is Hendrix, who played lefty righty! If I do get the guitar I'll report here on the forum!
  15. Hello Rexxy, and welcome to the club! Loooking at the position of the saddles, they seem to be about right for correct intonation, but with the bridge angled as it is you might not have room for adjustment if you change the string gauge. Changing the bridge position for a proper lefty shouldn't be beyond the skills of a competent luthier. It would be a case of removing the bridge and bushings, plugging the holes and re-drilling them. Not sure how much that would cost, but either way, that's a great looking guitar. By "lefty righty" I assume you mean someone like Albert King or Eric Gales,
  16. Greetings everyone! A left hand 2003 H-170 in translucent blue has come up for sale here in Australia. I was able to research that this guitar was originally custom built as a lefty righty by a forum member (Greg), but it has since been reverted to a lefty. The bridge however, is still reversed. Looks like a new nut was cut so that's a good thing. If i buy this guitar will i need to have the bridge reversed back? The current owner says the intonation is good, but i'm unsure, surely the bridge angle is relevant to the build for a righty. Seeking advice. Is it a dealbreaker? It has an Ebony boar
  17. What was I thinking? Mustang Sally/GTO was John Lee Hooker, not Lightnin' Hopkins...3am brain fade Nice pedalboards Rockabilly. I've been tempted by the RE20 because they look like the old tape echo's; but they take up a lot of space for an echo, and I have never been able to try one out. But if you're using one, I guess that's all the justification I need. You like it?
  18. Those are great sounding amps! Enjoy yours!
  19. The 576, too, had a wood pick guard.
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