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  2. Perhaps try a hardware store and see if they have the same screw a tad shorter. Screws come in lengths that vary by 1/4". I'd drill if you use the longer one.
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  4. Whether we realize it or not, we all believe that guitars are individuals. We all accept that there are lemons. If you don't agree with that idea, put it to the test conceptually. Would you buy a guitar without trying it first if you could not return it or in any way leverage for a refund? In other words would you trust that guitar was satisfactory just by the brand name and the year it was made? I can't imagine doing that. Even buying a guitar off the forum in part depends on the reputation of the seller, which could be harmed by bad feedback and thus provide some leverage. We know
  5. Some argue new owners have better quality, some say worse. I have one from the transition year and one from last year. Quality wise I couldn't tell the difference. I believe the original owners didn't set the guitars up at the factory, they expected dealers to address the nut and action. Most dealers did not. That's a big difference. Another problematic issue I have experienced with older Heritages is twists in the neck. I've had 2 with that issue. Before the modern processes, there was no humidity or climate controls. Woods didn't evenly dry out and it could take months to co
  6. Had a D123 in a Carr Sportsman - at the risk of driving up the market and with a little tube rolling, it was a ‘match made in heaven!’ Low wattage applications only…
  7. I successfully installed a strap button in spot #4 of the above image. You might laugh but about 15yrs ago I broke the screw head installing one on an Eastman guitar. I didn't know enough to drill a pilot hole, dummy me! Thank God the H575 was a success, I would have cried! Has anyone replaced the strap button on the other end (tail)? I'd like to put a Dunlop button that has a bigger lip to prevent the strap from slipping off. I unscrewed the stock knob and it's screw doesn't fit the new knob right and I'm unsure if I can just screw in the new knob with It's slightly longer screw, drill
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  9. A Standard H-150 will feel most comparable to a Les Paul Traditional
  10. Mark - you'll be happy to know that this one is being well loved and played the best I can. Thanks again for selling it to me. It is the guitar I'll keep to the end.
  11. Tunbridge Wells ? Perhaps should be my home town of Tenbury Wells !!
  12. It's funny about pickups and really all things related to electric guitars. The menu has a thousand selections and each person has his/her favorites. It reminds me of when Ted McCarty had a young Pete Moreno drive a truck out to the dump to get rid of a very large number of original and unused PAF pickups because 225 Parsons needed the room. About 20 years later Pete bought boxes of Gibbons items that were being left behind in the move to Nashville. Each box was $10. One of the boxes had among its contents five new Charlie Christian pickups still in the plastic. Two sayings come
  13. There's nothing finer for that old school jazz playing. Lollar Low Winds are a great choice.
  14. No worries. Copy n pasted image after opening your link.
  15. Beautiful! I have never been a fan of SD pickups, but the '59s in my H-150 sound pretty good. I will keep them for a while and see how I feel about them. I did the same thing with my LP. Played the factory '57s for about a year, then swapped them for Bare Knuckle Black Dogs.
  16. Upload the pictures to a photo sharing service like https://www.flickr.com/. You can then get the link for the pictures and post them.
  17. Sorry, PunkKitty. I was trying to post pictures of my newly acquired H-150 Standard in Dirty Lemon Burst, but my pictures are too large to post, and I couldn't delete the whole thing. I am technologically illiterate.
  18. thanks brother. not sure what I'm doing wrong....thanks for getting this fine and mellow lovely on the board. 5CAF2261-15F7-4390-B06C-4A89B708CFD8_1_201_a.heic
  19. One correction go the post by Detroit: the H-150 Standard Artisan Aged now comes with SD Antiquities. These are unpotted. I spent a great deal of time debating between the two.
  20. very informative Detroit. thx for that summary
  21. 2003 SKB https://photos.app.goo.gl/sMJuxVyTehQv9uXu5 https://photos.app.goo.gl/28Y5uVXQ5Sm8mwZb7 Let’s see if this works…I used to know how to post pics no problem!
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