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  2. Well as many of you guys know, I work on guitars quite a bit, and in the last year, have built and rebuilt 5 different Tele style partscasters. In all of the different building I got try quite a few Tele pickups, and recently I stumbled on the Duncan BG1400. The reason I did was that I was trying to find a bridge pickup that would be strong enough to get a good middle position tone with a Tyson Precious And Grace neck humbucker. I also wanted a lead sound that would be less ice picky than standard Tele, something with more mids and a rounded top. I also loved the idea that it would be hum cancelling as some of the stages I play on are less than stellar noise wise, and when recording I love quiet pickups! Well I really like this pickup as it gives up what I wanted hear. It barely fit through my bridge plate, but other than that, there was no craziness installing it. And I've got a DPDT switch on the CTS volume pot to split it, which just makes it sound a bit louder and brighter. Stacked humbuckers don't generally split well but this one does. And this one really does make for a good middle position with the neck humbucker. Here's the guitar that I put the pickup in... This is what it sounds like.... This
  3. It's a nice little place Chris. I haven't been recording up there lately, but once a week, I've been rehearsing with a new band that I just started. The guys love it up there. This isn't a weekly gigging band, but more of a showcase band for my original songs. We will try to get opening slots for bigger bands in upscale venues.
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  5. That is a really inspiring space. Nice job. I want to record some music, just looking at the pictures!
  6. I'm part of an organisation (Jazz Steps) that promotes jazz in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. One of our projects is to jointly promote gigs with Inspire (who run the libraries in Nottinghamshire) in three of their libaries, most recently singer Zoe Gilby's quartet. I was pleased to see guitarist Mark Williams was using a 1990 H535.
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  8. And a newer one as well, with her H-150.
  9. I ran across this one today... Joyann Parker kicking it with her H-535. And the lady has some pipes as well!
  10. This makes more sense as see them both working together Slash having some good choices.
  11. Thanks it's quite a bit better than when they we all around the room or stacked on one another OCD helps in a studio Makes it easy to find things when you need them.
  12. Congrats on NAD. I've always liked the bigger Orange amps, gotta wonder what these smaller ones sound like. Record a clip or two and post them.
  13. Great looking gtrs. I don't think I have any custom/unique finishes.
  14. Cool!! Does it have tremolo/vibrato?
  15. From the Custom Shop of David Teske. Refinish. Black Cherry H-140 1987
  16. During the build Marv kept referring to this as "pain in the ass orange" but I couldn't talk him into putting that on the label.😁
  17. I have spent the last 2 hours running it through the paces. 4 different guitars with different pickups in them, running it in mono, running it in stereo, running my Supro (clean settings) in stereo with the R32 (dirty settings). This thing sounds amazing! So many great sounds come from it. It really shines with Wolfetone Marshallheads. It's definitely a keeper!
  18. The guard you have and Schaller pickups are the same as my 2005 H535. Mine has a different bridge and tailpiece, but then Heritage used to do a lot of customized guitars. My 2003 has the Schaller bridge and tailpiece. Surprisingly, my 535 has the proper TKL case, but it doesn't have the Heritage logo like my others do. I think I remember Jay Wolfe would sell guitars without the Heritage labeled case as a money saving option. It would be the same case. I think Ed Roman did the same thing. I don't know of any real changes that would narrow down the year, other than when they moved to SD pickups, dropped the Schaller hardware or when they had to change from the stamped serial number to a written one (because the stamp wore out!). The serial number was always the definitive criteria. Things were pretty consistent until the company changed hands a few years ago.
  19. I am far from Rockabilly's setup, but what I have works for me ..
  20. I was shopping for the thing my daughter really wanted for Christmas, quality earbuds. I found them for a good deal at Sweatwater. Bose QuietComfort Ultras. Some how between finding those and checking out, this fell in my cart. Guess I will have to see what it can do and whether I should keep it ..
  21. There is an old and fading scroll sticker inside but it just says Heritage guitars parson street H-535 VSB. From memory I have a felt washer under the neck end of the guard and a small cork washer under the main hole. My second scratch plate has the correct bracket but it’s clearly never been fitted and TBH looks distinctly newer than the rest of the guitar or case. Thanks for the guestimation, the aging on the finish has always made me suspect it’s an early 90s one.
  22. Is there a label in the F-hole with any info? FWIW- I would say that yours would have to be (no later) than an 05’. I seem to remember Heritage having supply issues with Schaller in the mid 00s’. Your guitar displays evidence of the Golden 50s’ pickups. Upon further inspection of your pics. It appears that you have one where the pickguard screws into the top, without a metal bracket. That would make it from the earlier production years (at least an 89’). Sure does look like an early 535.
  23. Hello guys. I’ve owned my 535 for coming up 8 years and to say it’s been round the block and back with me would be an understatement. It came to me Pre loved and I have never had much info on it, apart from it being a Killer guitar! The first digit of serial is sadly half rubbed off so not much use. I believe it to have the fabled Schaller golden 50s pickups, Grover tuners, Schaller quick restring bridge, a second pick guard that matches the finish almost and a un branded case. If anyone recognises any of this as denoting a approx year I’d love to know more.
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