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  2. Hi, I have a H535 with SD jazz in the neck and an SD JB at the bridge. Sounds fine to me. Different character to the HRWs in my H575 which seem hotter somehow. Cheers, Greg
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  4. The Heritage Eagle models just make you feel better when you play them. Congratulations, its a really beautiful guitar.
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  6. Funny you say that because last night my duet auditioned a drummer And he was great, no we're looking for the right bass man!
  7. Welcome and great looking guitar!
  8. Thanks for the kind words. It’s a 1997 and I’ve had it about 10 or so years. I posted it when I got it many years ago. Sticker says Eagle Classic Almond Sunburst. There is a Jay Wolfe business card in there from the previous owner.
  9. @lavern23...Welcome to the HOC. And what an entrance! Your Eagle is drop dead gorgeous! Based on the Heritage ebony-inlay bail tailpiece, the rounded pickguard shape and pearl block inlays I'm guessing it's a 90's vintage or custom order from that era. Any info on the inner label?
  10. Don't think they actually lost the order, Bird. But it was a long time in the making...something like fifteen months. They were just getting their act together after the fire. And Daniel, it's a stock Super Eagle, except for the pickups. Those are Lollar P-90's. I spec'd the details on the almond burst finish by sending some pics. They nailed it. It looks nothing like the color pic. Red stage lights completely wash out the colors and the gradations of the burst. There aren't many P-90 Supers floating around. Marty Grass may have a better idea than I do, but I don't think there are ten of 'em, total. And Ren wasn't happy about doing it because he had to fabricate just-right shims for mounting the pickups. I really like those knobs because I don't have to look at them at all, on the fly. I know the sweep, and I just have to feel where they are within the 275-or-so degrees.
  11. Me Too! All over sudden, I can traverse to page two. Nice job!
  12. That's a mighty fine looking Eeeee-gull Enjoy her. BTW, nice snatch!
  13. Lavern, if you are using a PC just download Irfanview. It's a freebie, and is perfect for things like resizing. It's the Audacity of photo editing... not the most comprehensive tools available, but for quick and dirty stuff they are perfect.
  14. My Heritage Eagle getting some back porch time. Got it out to takes pics to sell but now I’m not sure I can let it go. Sorry for the crappy picture. Can’t figure out how to shrink the good ones.
  15. Great. I normally only go to HTTPS sites, but this was the one exception. Occasionally a browser update would just tell me "WHOA! DANGER AHEAD". Now I'll only get that warning from the porn sites!
  16. @Administrator...Thank you for all you do for the HOC...from behind the curtain! You are truly great and powerful. 🙂
  17. Excellent color! I really like your guitar, the color is beautiful. Congratulations 🎉!!!!
  18. Well, the site has certainly got over its latency tendencies, which is greatly appreciated. For a long time I've been thinking all those electrons had to slow down before they jumped over the border, but I'm glad someone found a way around that.
  19. Holy cow! Whatever you did, Mr. Administrator, cleared up a litany of oddities here. THANK YOU for your efforts keeping us'ns up to date in this online world connecting with the faithful. How apropos is it that you do it on a Sunday. Hope all is well in Admin-land.
  20. I have updated the board software this morning. This should resolve a few issues that users seemed to be experiencing. I've also changed the base URL from http:// to https://, which should force SSL. Maybe. We'll see.
  21. Our old buddy, RhoadsScholar, picked up a Cadillac green Gretsch from the 1950s a few yew years ago. He got it from a pawn shop in Detroit. Pete Moreno repaired the binding. The first view it looked disgusting. About 5 seconds later and thereafter it was just plain cool. Back then Gretsch simply painted the guitars and didn't worry about wood flame and grain. Of course Gibson and Heritage had their whites, blacks and goldtops as well as the occasional orange, blue and green. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/19658508-rhoadsscholar-com
  22. First one I've seen in that color. Fantastic! Enjoy!
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