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  1. if i could find a used relic'd Strat, say, I'd be interested on the used side. but not new. buy new, get new.
  2. wow is right. now, where are the Fender Kal builds? ha ha
  3. "classic" referred to pickups being installed at that time, others will have specifics on the pickups. I had a H150CL and it had Duncan 59s, but I think the two screws on each side indicate you have another type.
  4. https://wwmt.com/news/local/hard-rock-hotels-to-redevelop-former-Gibbons-guitar-site-in-kalamazoo-for-new-hotel-concept
  5. I keep my room humidified to 40%, and an in case sponge humidifier in the acoustic guitar case.
  6. I am glad you got this shot, I saw it but didn't get it and by the time I could it was getting dark. Nice.
  7. Thought it was mine for a min, though mine is not a LE. It is a '00 H155 in Cherry Translucent, photos are pictured here in the gallery. From the back, they look identical..
  8. get me your email and I'll send ya a hi res version! and thanks..
  9. hey wow, cool! That's me playing Lance's 357 and Lefty Alicia rippin on her H150 behind me..
  10. I have since swapped out the tailpiece. I love the silver hardware, pickups are HRW's.
  11. FredZep rips! Love this photo, great memories!
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