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  1. This thread cracks me up. My core question was simply if anyone had any knowledge as to why there is no price difference between the relic finish and the normal finish. Only one person offered up any info on that question but the rest of it is all opinion on relic finishes. No worries, it just shows how strongly folks who hate relicing REALLY hate relicing FWIW, my 30 year old Warmoth Strat has real world battle scars and I think I'd feel a bit foolish buying a new relic finish. Still, I am going to own a H-530 sometime soon. Peace!
  2. Thanks for all the replies but I guess I should ask a dealer (or even call Heritage themselves) to get an answer to the question of cost. As I mentioned, I don't care either way but wonder why the retail price is the same when comparing a normal finish versus artisan aged. I WILL own a H-530 when I sell a couple of unused guitars
  3. I have not seen one in the flesh but hope to soon. I'm on the fence on the whole relic world but I hate the fake & overdone stuff. I'll know when I lay eyes upon Heritage's version when I see/touch/feel it for myself. My question is why there is no upcharge. Maybe they do it in a way that takes no extra labor?
  4. Hello! Just joined the group and this is my first post. Quick back story on myself: I'm a 61 year old former crappy blues rock player who is now a crappy acoustic finger style blues player. Back in the day I owned 2 Heritage H-535's and I now find myself desiring a new H-530. I see that retail pricing on the normal vs. artisan aged finish is the same. This doesn't bother me in the least but I'm curious why this is because most (all?) makers charge a premium for a relic finish. Does anyone have any insight on this? I'll be shopping for my H-530 as soon as my Guild Orpheum dread finds a new home
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