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  1. Here is a Heritage you don’t see every day… 1989 Heritage H150 Deluxe LIMITED EDITION. #45 of ????? PRE LAWSUIT Gibson body shape. Multi ply binding on the top of the body. Bound flame maple topped headstock. Belly cut MONSTER FLAME TOP Bound flame maple pickguard (in the case) 60s neck Stock Schaller pickups Tonepros locking tailpiece and bridge Grover tuners. A very rare Heritage here! In 1988 and 1989, the first H150s very closely mirrored the Gibson Les Paul (Before Gibson treated to sue heritage) This is one of the early ones and a Deluxe to boot!!! The body cut is exactly like a Les Paul Standard. The 150 Deluxe is a blinged out 150. Premium woods, belly cut, bound matching headstock, multi ply body binding and a matching flame maple pickguard. #45 is is a stunning piece. 9.25 lbs. 60s slim taper neck. And, Look at that top!!!!! Sets up really well. Not a big fan of the Schaller pickups, they will probably go bye bye. Frets are starting to get a little low. They’ve probably been dressed a couple times over the past 34 years. It’s in awesome condition for 34 years old!! No cracks or breaks. No signs of abuse. Just a killer piece of Heritage history.
  2. I saw it on Instagram this morning!!!!
  3. This is a 2017. Originally ordered by Eddie’s Guitars. I bought it from Eddie’s in 3 pieces, after UPS broke it. I fixed it.
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