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  1. I'm really glad you like it! Welcome to the HOC!!!
  2. Thanks Randy!! We are having a lot of fun!! The Hatt amps are made by RJ HATT in Lansing Michigan. RJ is the repair tech for Elderly. His HATT line is all point to point hand wired. My amp is his Mean 15. 2-EL84s. Ton of clean headroom. Master volume. 1x12. Wonderful tone. Great grab n go amp. https://hattamps.com
  3. I played my third show with my new band JENUINE, last night!! We have worked so had in the last 3 months since I joined!!! It was awesome to play my Heritages in Kalamazoo!!!
  4. I can see you rockin that baby!!! What a great axe!!!
  5. A good friend of mine locally, who used to teach with my wife, had been on a gear buying binge lately. He has an absolutely stunning 1991 H150! He texted me the other day and said he was gonna sell his 2019 H137 (he bought it new from Sweetwater and hardly played it). So I drove over to his place yesterday and checked it out….he made me an incredible deal on it I could not walk away from. It came with the Heritage hard case and case candy. It’s mint. Not a mark on it. It sets up perfectly. The neck is a great beefy 50s carve. It’s really light. One piece body. Lollars
  6. Evidently the same person filled out our labels.
  7. Thanks man! I already swapped them for 57 classics. I will keep your suggestion in the memory bank.
  8. Hey Scott!!! What’s up? They also have a cherry burst with a beautiful top!!!
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