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  1. The back of the guitar is looking at me funny Seriously though, awesome Heritage man!!!
  2. The Alex Skolnick H150 I had one that was absolutely perfect and I let it go. Wish I could have her back.
  3. I met a guy in Marshall Michigan last night to do a trade deal. Nice guy. Had a nice talk and I ended up coming home with this beautiful 2011 Heritage H150!! One piece mahogany body and neck Beautiful carved flame maple top Dark streaky bound rosewood board Seymour Duncan Seth Lovers Tonepros locking bridge and tailpiece Grover tuners Heritage HSC It was 100% factory stock. The only changes I made, was to add a toggle poker chip and a Gibson style truss rod cover. This 150 weighs a frog hair over 9 lbs. The neck is a perfect 59 carve. It’s sooooo comfortable. The Seth’s sound absolutely amazing!!! Beautiful woods, great craftsmanship, killer tone and that 225 Parsons Street Mojo!!! What’s not to love???
  4. I have a feeling that that will probably be coming next year, no, I do not have an inside track, it’s just a guess
  5. brentrocks

    brentrocks - 2014

    My Heritages in April of 2014
  6. You guys that don't have a Heritage yet.....not to worry....hang out here for a few months and the GAS will build!!!!
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