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  1. This makes more sense as see them both working together Slash having some good choices.
  2. Thanks it's quite a bit better than when they we all around the room or stacked on one another OCD helps in a studio Makes it easy to find things when you need them.
  3. Congrats on NAD. I've always liked the bigger Orange amps, gotta wonder what these smaller ones sound like. Record a clip or two and post them.
  4. That's my kind of guitar, a lightweight rock machine, and it already has some good mods to start with. Congrats on a great find!
  5. nice weight, nice color, nice looking tight grained rosewood fingerboard, nice squiggly flame, nice guitar... SCORE Brent!!!
  6. The original combos sell for an reasonable amount of money. https://reverb.com/marketplace?query=Marshall 2554
  7. Don't know about the reissues, but the originals from the 80's were really good sounding. A close friend of mine gigged with one (2554), and I played that little combo many times. I'm more of a Fender Tweed guy then a Marshall guy, and I could say without a doubt, that I could get tones that were more to my liking than I expected.
  8. Just like I said about the Custom core 150's I think the Heritage is upping there game. I like that I have two of the old guard H150s, but I had to do a lot of to them to get them where I wanted. And Kuz fixed my H535 P90 guitar with everything I would have (thanks Kuz), befoe I bought it from him fret work (clean up file marks and level) replace nut (or at least re-slot it) new pickups (I'm not a fan of any humbucker they offered other than Throbak) change bridge and tailpiece (I never got the heavy Schaller tails or Nashville bridges) The new custom cores are closer in spec to what I like, but I wish they would use a proper abr instead of the cheap one they went with. I see they have gone with a different set of tuners which also seemed to be a mis-step with the CCs. But I LOVE the new headstock, the pickups sound nice, and I finishes look great (not the relic's, I'm not a fan of that, but for people who are they look pretty good). And I like the blocks on the the new H530 and H535 they look great!
  9. I have ratio tuners on one of my Teles and they are great.
  10. Looks great to me! These guitars look so much better with pickguards!!!
  11. I also love the Heritage pickguard, the way it follows the body shape (only the H150 style one). I love the custom core headstock too, I think they finally got a shape worthy of the company. I'm not a fan of the custom poker chips, but I love that Brent makes the guitars his own!!!
  12. That's a looker Brent, I really like that flame and top carve!
  13. That tone just cuts through the room doesn't it! Glad to hear you're loving the Legends! Funny, one of my best friends loves the OOP tone, and constantly teases me about having MJ not flip the magnet in my SD Custom shop Peter Green set. He's a huge T-Bone and Peter Green fan. I like those tones too, but I love the standard middle position for Dickey Betts style tones more and that's a tone that I use a lot
  14. When I first opened this post I didn't see the complaints, just the picture of the new guitar which looks sweet! BUT.... I've had more problems with Sweetwater than any other online dealer when it comes to missing things. The 55 point inspection is a joke! And worse yet, after buying some picks or a few sets of strings, you get a bothersome follow up cold call asking how you like them. If they really did a 55 point inspection and let that: dent, cracked ring, and abysmal soldering job get through their inspection, then shame on them! The neck pickup volume pot may be the worst solder job I've seen on an upscale electric guitar. It sucks when pots are soldered like that, because cleaning up those globs of solder means you have to reheat the back of that pot chancing damaging it. I do a lot of soldering of pots, and one thing I can tell you without a doubt, is that modern pots are not very well made, and don't handle the heat as well as the older stuff. If it was up to me, I would ask for a new pickup ring, and some replacement pots and solder them in correctly. The newlywed phase of buying a new guitar wears off fast, and after that, you're left with a guitar with less resale value than what it would have had without the issues! If you really love the guitar then I would address the solder job and ring, if not, I would return the guitar, and wait till you find a new one in the same finish without the issues, especially the dent!!! Have them ship it without the pick-guard on! That way if the grain looks nice. and you like the pick-guard off, the choice will be available to you! It was a special treat to yourself, why live with "the bummers"???? If Sweetwater doesn't make it right, return it and go to a better dealer!
  15. I can see why you prefer the Wolfetones! I have a Legend in the neck of my Zemaitis, and I love it there. It has the clarity that really works in the neck. And when you plug it into a gained up amp it sings. I've said it many times, I think it's harder to find a great neck pickup than a bridge. But when a neck pickup is right it's amazing how much more you use it. Although I liked the Legend bridge pickup, I wanted to go with a hotter pickup in the bridge to fill out the mids, so I used a Wolfetone Fenris, and although it's listed as a high output pickup, it still retains what I like about un-potted PAF style pickups. Wolf winds great sounding responsive pickups.
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