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  1. Congratulations, looks like a dream to play 🙂
  2. update: - I bought soldering iron (Ersa) - base and solder I am about to buy three of 500k push/push pots I need to replace a regular one but I couldn't find it at 500k, from the shop James told me he has the 550k pots, saying <<I only have CTS 550k pots in stock as the CTS 'TVT' series pots I use changed from 500k to 550k to be more vintage correct.>> not sure, I think the 550k is ok so I should have two push/push for coil splitting on the Volumes one push/push for phase reverse on the bridge Tone I'll keep original caps one standard 550k on the neck Ton
  3. duly noted, thank you very much
  4. thank you very much Bobmeyrick I will follow your indications
  5. Bareknuckle replied via email and reported it's possible they added instructions and schemes https://www.bareknucklepickups.co.uk/upload/support/Web_ccc41d7.pdf https://www.bareknucklepickups.co.uk/upload/support/1_hum_4_con_pushpull_pot_phase_reversal_with_another_hum_c8e3961.pdf need to learn the circuit and buy the correct push-pull pots
  6. thanks for the replies I could maybe replace only the Pots I see big caps I see 4 connectors PU cables i wrote to The Bareknuckle asking them what possible configurations I could have I'd be interested in out-of-phase but even only coil splitting could be interesting if I have the option
  7. Hi all, I decided to change the pots on my H150 Gold Top, not sure if I want to go with work needed for changing only the pots and keep the capacitors yet, honestly I think I'd prefer to replace the entire pre-assembled harness and keep it as easier as possible I received a good indication by Rockabilly69 about Vitamin Q harness but looks like I can't find them here in UK and importing them from US is going to be a bit too expensive for me I have found some alternatives that seems interesting, especially about the capacitors - I do not need to replace the selector - from: - Home
  8. congratulations, mini HBs is best choice IMO enjoy it
  9. beautiful congrats 🙂
  10. beautiful, one of my favorite colors ever 🙂 nice thread 👍
  11. noice! cool PBs design and look 🙂
  12. interesting, Rockboard.de does a good job too, I like their swappable patch bays approach
  13. Pressure: fab burst and guitar, Sir :-)
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