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  1. I see you are in the UK. Take a look at Bare Knuckle Mules. You might like those. Good luck with your search! Let's see those beauties. Pics?
  2. I received a H-530 that had a label for a H-535 with Seth Lovers. No issues at all with the guitar. Heritage sent me a correct label and I installed it right next to the wrong label. No worries.
  3. Welcome to the Club. You have a beauty there!
  4. Just meant to be. Congratulations on getting Your Baby back!
  5. The 30th Anniversary was officially a H-555. A lot of bling on this one.
  6. I remember the 12 string build. I actually had another 12 string built at the same time for myself. I never received it. The transition was taking place at the time and the new guard contacted me that they got a bad batch of nitro and I asked them to refinish it and they refused to do it. I told them to keep it. Probably got scrapped.
  7. Are those yours! Beauties.
  8. I am happy for you that you're playing again. You play wonderfully! You're making that Sweet 16 sing. Keep them coming.
  9. Most of the guitars I ordered sans pickguard. I still had them make me one but opted to mount after if I or the next owner wanted it. The H-530 should have that option. I agree.
  10. We must be patient. The Professor is a wordsmith! Wax on Wax off
  11. Nice tease brother! Well played.
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