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  1. From the Custom Shop of David Teske. Refinish. Black Cherry H-140 1987
  2. Bookmark this Will. Heritage Guitar Inc, Finishes (archive.org)
  3. I like the old websites nostalgically. Plus, they had more models available. For those of us that knew the old company and guard we are lucky! Heritage Guitar Inc., of Kalamazoo (archive.org) Heritage Guitar Inc (archive.org)
  4. All of the new Custom Cores are on the website now. Custom Shop | Heritage Guitars
  5. That's a No. Call the factory and talk to Ren.
  6. Soon to be followed by Custom Core H-535s and H-530s in Standard and Artisan Aged.
  7. Glad you got it! I was so close on pulling the trigger on that one. It's a classic!
  8. Welcome aboard and congratulations on your acquisition. You will love it! Lots of pictures when you get it.
  9. I sold a Sweet 16 Custom for $5499 and that’s the highest sale I ever had on a Heritage. It is all about finding the right buyer. He is a professional Jazz player in the New York area and knew what he wanted and knew the Heritage tradition of their jazz boxes. Loves it! There is no right answer on this. I paid $3600 for a completely one off Marvbird. That is one I’ll never sell.
  10. I received a H-530 with a H-535 designation on the label. Heritage sent me a corrected label and I stuck next to the original. It happens.
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