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  1. My H-537 came with a cream plastic pick guard. I sent Arnie over at Embers Guitar Station the pick guard and he going to make me a maple one and finish it in translucent orange to match the guitar.
  2. I’ve always liked this model. I think it’s a true example of what Heritage could do in the golden years. It ticks all the boxes of every skill needed in making something of this scope. Didn’t Bob own one of these at one time? You have a beautiful example of this Model!
  3. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Further Information can be obtained, by calling, 269-385-5721 after 8:30 am EST and before 3:15 pm. Thank you, and I look forward to you playing the best guitar , The Heritage ,with Heritage award winning premium HRW Pickups !! Please ask for Ren ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------
  4. A list of some of his accomplishments along with HRW pickups. Impressive! https://web.archive.org/web/20051014101128/http://heritageguitar.com/Custom Features/HRW-pickup.htm
  5. Marv sent me this picture today. I didn’t know they made a 5 string.
  6. Congratulations! Even better in person.
  7. I talked to Marv today and told him about the Trini Lopez auction. He told me made two of those guitars and hand delivered one to him personally along with Bill Paige. He said he made arrangements to meet him at one of the shows in California. Marv was glad to hear it went for that price.
  8. Might be this one. Gibbons. Looks like more than one version was made.
  9. According to the Heritage Auction sight it was owned and played. There was a few Gibbons Trini Lopez models sold at a decent price but doesn't say they where played. Even had his golf clubs in the auction. Also had several acoustics that sold for a good high price. Looked like 400 items from the estate.
  10. Gibbons went for $22,500. Heritage went for $6562.50 Just don't get it. Probably made by the same hands!
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