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  1. Comprehension, reading or otherwise, is a bit of a stumbling block for me.
  2. Cool! Whats the eta? Look forward to reading your thoughts about it and listening to the clips.
  3. Yikes! 2021 pedal shortage! Glad no one was injured. I hope they can all come back from this. Those companies are some of guitar lands best amp designers and builders.
  4. Thats a cool find and buy. Congrats.
  5. That demo was really good! Thats a great sounding rock amp. Congrats. @JaguarguyIs that you doing the demo?
  6. I was a young man when I started here. Now Im not. What happened? I want my money back!
  7. Whoa! Nice collection of Rivera's ! Congrats on the new amp. Nice set of usable features for sure.
  8. The first Estwing hammer I got I spent a bit of time fuzzing up and smoothing out the leather handle so it didnt look new the next day on site. Didnt work, looked shiny with a defective leather handle. Actually took a bout 2months of flooring, framing and roofing before it started looking like a tradesmans hammer. After about 2yrs of sweat and hard use it looked right. I was at one with it and it hung in my nail bag like a pro. I dropped it down a 3meter brick cavity not long after and its still down there 39yrs later. The next one I got had a viny grip blue handle and I wore it smooth d
  9. Pffft. I read the thread title, not the OP, no ones got time for that. Just had to get the outrage out while it was still fresh and before I forgot what triggered me.
  10. "shabby chic" treatment. Nothing in guitar land bothers me. Big neck, skinny neck, whatever, I will adapt. Switch, pick guard or pick up placement, doesnt matter, I will work around it. Body shape, I make them all look good. String gauge, string type, scale length, pffft, what ever. I dont obsess about the concept of bad/good tone, every guitar or amp sound works somewhere in some context. Short tenon vs long tenon, hot p/ups vs PAF style, locking tuners, floyds, 2 point trems vs 6 screws, none of it even on my radar as things to obsess or worry about. I can even live with the open book
  11. Yeah, camera angle Thanks. Im at my best when I dont know what Im doing. Some of my finest moments were where I didnt know what I was doing, and Ive skated through life on the back of them.
  12. As I was working through each stage I kept thinking I should make multiples. Some of the setting up is so time consuming it seems a waste for just 2minutes work. I made jigs that took over an hour to figure out and make and I only used them once for 30seconds. Now the jigs are in the off cut bin. Im putting together a prototype out of pine for a new project. Once Ive seen if the design and construction ideas work and Ive figured out the manufacturing process Im going to make 10 of each, its cheaper in materials and gets xmas 2021 gifts out of the way.
  13. Im actually pretty happy how it all turned out. It was a slow motion sort of thing. Started at the end of November and finished at the end of March. If I had to do ithem again it would take about 3 or 4days labour. To do ten of each item wouldnt take much longer. Would definitely need dust extraction and more space . Im not feeling the desire to repeat the process though.
  14. And thats it. Done. Arranged my pedals on the pedal boards. Tolex'ed the ext cab and put new grill cloth on it and the combo. Picking up a s/h G12H100 on Monday to put in the cab. I dont enjoy doing tolex. I thought I might like doing it, I dont. Its not as hard to do as I thought it might be but I just didnt enjoy the work. The ext cab was easier than the little pedal board because all the corners are covered, you could be quite lazy about the finish if you wanted. I ordered the wrong corners btw, oh well. All things considered, I had fun.
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