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  1. Vintage smintage who cares as long as play well. Here's mine, a 1998 Mahogany Eagle an one off for somebody. I think I know who but can't prove it other than hearsay. She's a player and a keeper.
  2. I'm not sure maybe the early 2000's. I bet Marty Grass would know.
  3. I would imagine the most paid (retail) for a heritage would be one of the custom ghost made ones. I believe the DAngelico's retailed over $10,000 new.
  4. The preferred amp of many of the Detroit bands of the day. A bass player in a band I was in in the late 60's had one. Loud amp and gave him that Jack Bruce sound.
  5. Fun times! I would like to see it resurrected when the pandemic settles down.
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