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  1. Seems to me I played that guitar at a past PSP. It's been a few years. Love the pickguard and TRC. It had a fat neck as I recall too.
  2. They’ll need to have a walled compound there to keep folks safe. It’s a six block trip to downtown. Guests will need to eat/drink onsite or take a cab/shuttle to civilization. The trains should be fun. I respect and revere the site, but a hotel? Epic fail in the making.
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  4. OK, I'll take my turn.............. I'm Rob. My friends call me Rob. Originally from Michigan but now South of the border (IN) I have a guitar habit (better than a crack habit) Favorite Heritage - My '94 H550 My Arsenal 90's Danelectro '56 U2 Reissue '97 American Standard Telecaster :'( (Stolen 3/20/09) '90 American Standard Stratocaster :'( (Stolen 3/20/09) '91 Les Paul 40th Anniversary :'( (Stolen 3/20/09) '06 Les Paul '58 Reissue '08 ES335 Figured Top '94 Heritage H550 '83 RJL Special Electric (Senior Project in College) Still kicks ass after over 25 years. '8
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