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  1. That guitar look like a Chinese fraud. As a collector of fraudulent Chinese guitars, I will take it off your hands for $500.
  2. Looking at that old catalogue makes me realize that Heritage sure had a lot of models back in the day!
  3. I looked at those blue chip picks. Did I misread it or are they really $35 each? I can pretty much guarantee you that I will never pay $35 for a guitar pick. Wow! I really sound like an old curmudgeon. Holy shit! I am one! I just bought a couple of those Heritage Guitar tins with picks and they are reasonably priced although I really wish they had the little teardrop shaped jazz picks.
  4. I love it when you post dirty pictures,
  5. I do find it odd to relic a Heritage in order to make it look like a guitar from the 50s or 60s when Heritage did not exist. Maybe I could handle a relic'd H-140 or 170 that looks like an 80s vintage.
  6. Not sure if it was standard but my 1986 Blue H-140CM has a nice blue wooden CM pick guard.
  7. I picked up the Caprtor X a few weeks back and it is way cool! In one band I am in, everyone now has one and the idea is that we can use the attenuater to keep our stage volume down, but more importantly, we can take a line out to the board or an interface and have a no drum or any other bleed through for mixing or recording or live sound. It is a cool piece of gear that sounds really great. I have had a two notes rack piece in my studio for a few years and the cab emulations have been stellar. This uses the same models. I am still hoping that someone can clone my zillion pound EV-SRO coffee c
  8. Wow! That guy playing Misty had that Johnny Smith tone and all of those little nuances of his like the arpeggiated chords. Lovely!
  9. I was having a conversation on here with MartyGrass about that #3 and he turned me onto this as a replacement. I don't know how hard it may be to get Lollar's in Canada but I am going to pick one up for my L-5 which has a Gibbons Johnny Smith that I have never been fond of. This Lollor seems like the direction I want to go and I thought it may be easier to get than a #3. Give a listen to the files but ignore the dirty one. It really sucks showing me to not add distortion to a jazz pickup! https://www.lollarguitars.com/lollar-humbucker-pickups/johnny-smith-style-humbucker
  10. However, the military got rid of student deferments in 1971, and he would have been 1-A after that. I have no problem with him if he was a draft dodger as I see that as something that actually took a lot of guts, I have a problem with him being an obnoxious idiot.
  11. I know a bunch of you guys are from Michigan so I figure you knew or played on these amps. How were they? https://www.guitarplayer.com/gear/how-the-tiny-amp-brand-behind-grand-funk-railroads-potent-hard-rock-sound-became-a-force-to-be-reckoned-with?utm_source=Selligent&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Guitar+Player+eNews+03%2F16%2F2021&utm_content=Guitar_Player_eNews_3%2F16%2F2021+&utm_term=1375384
  12. I would not want anything he has touched either. Not because of his politics but because he is an idiot. I have read about some of his antics from other musicians who have worked with him and I have never heard anything good about him. Talented, but an idiot. I have to admit that I loved watching Mike Huckabee play Cat Scratch Fever with him on some talk show. Neither of them seemed to get the irony. If only Sara had sung a little back up on it. "I mike the pussy purr with a stoke of my hand...."
  13. It would be interesting to hear it feed back with humbuckers.
  14. I also have an old Blue H140. It is blue curly maple with a beautiful blue top and a matching pickguard. I definitely had to get rid of the Schallers and put some Dimarzio Anniversary PAF's in it and it sings. It was my first foray into Heritage. I had heard about Heritage but had not seen one. I went into an old mom and pop music store and picked up a C serial number H-170 and the H-140. I traded a Greco Les Paul(that I had paid $500 for) and $1000 for both. Those were the days. I do love the Blue H-140 but my H-170 may be my favorite guitar in my room.
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