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  1. They are. B.A.D. is almost like a contract boutique level contract factory. Synergy is under the B.A.D. umbrella, so they are built there as well. It's definitely going to disrupt things for some time to come in a major way.
  2. I was following this on the book of Face, and this is what Wampler posted: So, the fire did not involve any of the BAD production, however water damage, smoke, etc still happened. They probably can't go back in until the FD and engineers clear the building.
  3. Having looked around, Rivera makes some INCREDIBLE Jazz amplifiers. The Jazz Suprema line. You also need to decide on whether you want ANY ability to dial in a little dirt. The Rivera Jazz Suprema is super headroom for clean.
  4. NICE!!! Crate definitely did make some nice amps, with the vintage series being quite nice. Sadly they got bought out and then mismanaged by Loud technologies, who also managed to run Blackheart amplifiers into the ground. I think ampeg was the only company to survive Loud Technologies utter ineptitude.
  5. I know.... I already spent a bunch, but I had to have it. I had always wanted a Deluxe Reverb, but a modded one. This is just about everything I would have wanted. Full TMB tone stacks, Tremolo and Reverb on BOTH channels. and voicing switches.
  6. Spraying from the back of the pots definitely does get much better coverage of the wiper and conductor. They do make adapters that help the spray get into the pot better. It pretty much screws onto the pot and has a hole where you plug in the plastic tube. Also, make sure the pot shafts are pointing upward if you are spraying the shaft end. Gravity does help.
  7. It really is. I know some people will say 'well it doesn't have enough gain' but it's not about being a high gain monster. It's about making a great studio / live amp that makes some great tones. I'm still trying to really feel how the "FAT" switch works. It's supposed to thicken the tone without adding bass. It seems to, and boosts the gain a bit. Rivera amps are great, and people don't seem to give them their due. The pros definitely do however. So many hair metal bands used their TBR rack amps.
  8. I just had a good hour long playing session with it, and used the footswitch for the first time. It is Channel, Lead Boost, and Tremolo on the F/S. It's also got a dual color LED on the channel select, so it is green for clean and red for lead. Never had a footswitch like that before. Usually it's just no light clean, light lead.
  9. Also, in case anyone was wondering, the amplifier came with all Electro-Harmonics 12AX7EH preamp tubes, an Electro Harmonix 5U4GB rectifier, and Shuguang 6V6 power tubes. Rivera feels they are the best 6v6 tube offering on the market in terms of vintage tone.
  10. Also, I should add, every time I see this picture, my first thought is always the same thing.
  11. It really is. The FAT switch alone just gives so many tonal possibilities. They really designed it to work with just about any type of guitar, to get so many different sounds. Sure it's not a high gain beast, but it's a rock machine. I may have developed an addiction. Though this will probably be it. A lot of their other combos seem to be really specialized for specific purposes. They do have some heads but most are really high gain, and I've already got that covered with Boogies.
  12. NICE! I have heard that the Pubster 25 (The one on top in my pictures) is based on the Rivera Era Champ II / Super Champs. It's a bit of a strange setup, and it pretty much has a built in booster as well as reverb. It currently needs some work though, as something weird is going on with the reverb, and it cuts in and out randomly. Hopefully just a dirty contact or the tank itself.
  13. I was just about to put a Stage IV on order, and begin the weight. Never got that far, because I noticed a “Demo” model for 200 off, with some small tear in the Rolex. So here it is, in my Rivera “Stack”. I took a picture of the tolex issue, which I later glued down so it doesn’t spread. This really is the ULTIMATE incarnation of a Fender Deluxe Reverb. It does EVERYTHING that a Deluxe does, and then goes so far beyond it. It's the original Rivera modded deluxe, but has none of the "downsides" that a modded deluxe would have. - True Channel Switching - Reverb and Tremolo available on
  14. NICE!!! I keep thinking about building my board but then get distracted. I think I'm going to be lazy and just get a TC electronic Plethora X5 for all effects besides overdrive.
  15. Got the new speaker in, and it's all installed now, and the Pubster put back together. Great little amp. I now have a bunch of speakers that need to break in. Gonna need to play a bunch of jazz standards with the bass and mids turned up.
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