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  1. Throbak, Sheptone, Wolfetone, Duncan Seth Lovers, Duncan Antiquities, there are many others. You can get just about any of them wound with 4 conductor leads to use the coil splits.
  2. Bought a new used amp today. Crate V18212 tube amp. Found it on OfferUp last night for $100. Picked it up this morning. Loud as hell. One of the last of Crates good amps.
  3. I seem to remember a Heritage bass that was covered in felt or some sort of fabric. Does anyone have a picture? Thanks.
  4. Bob's death was tragic. May he rest in peace. I remember that H-170 well. I sold it to Jack B. I don't know what he did with it. But if I ever find it, I swear I'm buying it back.
  5. Yes. The developer is a partial owner of Heritage. Heritage is not moving. The rest of the property is being revitalized. The original 225 Parsons building is in the process of being rehabbed.
  6. Hi Johnny. No, we haven't had a muster in several years. Kip moved out of state and no longer works at the bar.
  7. Nice. But this thread is worthless without pictures. 😉 Welcome to the forum.
  8. I guess that depends on the timetable and how the neighborhood will change around the hotel. As I understand it, Plaza Corp owns a lot of property in KZoo. It's possible that they are buying more for more development as a channel into the city.
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