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  1. I always post a picture of the H150GT on these relicing threads. I have been hard at the relic project for a bit of time now but it’s on hold until gigs start back up.
  2. !!!!!What a beauty!!!!! I love gold guitars, your 535 is wonderful.
  3. The only way to know if the guitar is up to your specs is to play it first and try not to think about the year. Looking at it from a year perspective will shadow your feel for the guitar. I wouldn’t rule out one from any year. Play them and feel them and listen to them unplugged. Make your choice from that. Of course you should plug it in and make sure it works but the final plugged in sound is open to the unbelievable rich choices for electronics these days. This is a lucky time for guitar players with some cash in hand.
  4. That’s cool! I think all the early ones are a little different from one another. It’s part of a fledgling company experimenting.
  5. The speaker thing is interesting. One thing I like to do is play around with speakers because they can make such a big difference. Sometimes I like a 15” or a British or an American. They can all sound good in a particular amp but bring out different tones. It’s like changing your hair to suit your mood. I think it is fascinating that they didn’t notice the difference. I imagine once it is in the mix and it does what it is supposed to do it sounds great. They also weight next to nothing and have attenuation that can allow them to be very versatile. If they break down though you might
  6. They are great amps. The Rambler is based off the BF Deluxe but runs 6l6 tubes so imo some of the warmth of the 6v6 is lost. They sound great though, just a little different. If you want the deluxe sound the Slant 6v can do a better job at it. I had one for almost 20 years and it was a great amp. I loaded and unloaded it in and out of vans, cars and trucks for years and years. The amp looked beat with dents tears and rips but I never had to service it at all other than change worn out tubes. Carr amps are BUILT STRONG! The components are top notch and it is an amp that can last a lif
  7. The venue dictates what amp I use. I only use “old school” tube amps even though one of them is only a few years old. I have a Tungsten Creamawheat that is great for jazz. It is a 20 watt tweed deluxe. I roll the tone knob back to get a warm tone and I jump the channels to lower the headroom. I usually start to get good warm tone about 3 on the volume dial with the other volume on 8. This is good for a clean tone that might break up if I really push it. This is good with a drummer and some horns and big bands. if there are not any drums or a small club I go to a 5 watt SF champ that
  8. I’ve never use a power or electrical conditioner but there seem to be many of them out there from cheap to $$$$. You might try one of those. I’ve talked to people that swear by them. Personally I live with the hum. I only have p90 guitars without wax potting now, the 150 GT, a ‘57 es225 and a Tokai LP Special. I cannot bring myself to use a canceling P90s because I’m a pickup snob and I feel they don’t give the tone I like in a p90. One thing that I think helps with hum is not going through pedals like over drives and distortions, they tend to make it worse imo. When I’m not playing a lead my
  9. I’m a big fan of Goldtops. I prefer P90s and if money was no object I would have an original from ‘52-‘56.Money is an object that is hard to obtain so I have my H150GT with my sweat stains and wear patterns. It’s my main gigging guitar. painted and plain wood guitars are my thing no over the top tops for me.
  10. I loved the picture of your Super Eagle. Is the finish Antique Natural? I'm thinking of buying a Super Eagle, and I really like the way yours looks. Thanks for your time.

  11. Wow, I love the 150! Great color.
  12. zguitar71

    Rockin' Hamilton

    Rockin' this summer in Hamilton for the brew fest wearing the "Datsun" shirt, giving a hint to the "Z" and "71" in zguitar71.
  13. Nice golt top!, my dream guitar right now, Love the lollar p-90's.
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