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  1. Some argue new owners have better quality, some say worse. I have one from the transition year and one from last year. Quality wise I couldn't tell the difference. I believe the original owners didn't set the guitars up at the factory, they expected dealers to address the nut and action. Most dealers did not. That's a big difference. Another problematic issue I have experienced with older Heritages is twists in the neck. I've had 2 with that issue. Before the modern processes, there was no humidity or climate controls. Woods didn't evenly dry out and it could take months to co
  2. Heritage, IMHO, has the most authentic TV yellow finish. I love mine. Congratulations, you found yourself a keeper!
  3. I remember similar looking Ibanez GIO's in Guitar Center years ago. $160 dollar guitar, body is probably worth $50 when parted out. Pull the neck plate off and the pickguard, curious what is underneath such as extra holes for pots and neck bolts...
  4. Glad it worked out for you and Heritage was able to work with you!
  5. For a kit guitar, is is probably one of the best playing guitars I have.
  6. Curious, now you know its a Partscaster, not a Heritage, did you push the issue with the seller? Maybe get a partial refund?
  7. Something like that.... Didn't spell it right the first time and went with the first auto-correct option...
  8. Good Questions! So here's a few breakdown's in price differences. Cheapest to highest: Standard line H150 is the cheapest model, standard features in figured maple top, Seymour Duncan pickups, etc. Standard Line H150 Artesian Aged, same as a normal standard except gone through an aging process to feel and look like a well-played guitar. Custom Core H150 are Custom Shop models with beefer neck, custom made pickups, larger headstock w/ special inlays. Higher end figured tops. Probably a few more features. Custom Core H150 Artesian Aged, same guitar just gone t
  9. So you're playing Heritage guitars and the other guitar player is using a Heritage amp? Awesome to see you're playing out Brent!
  10. Heritage has really nailed that TV Yellow finish. Absolutely love the model in that color!
  11. I'm glad you have a solution to your problem and you are happy with the guitar!
  12. Problem with the 137 is Heritage uses default dogear P90's, so you cannot buy a normal aftermarket pickguard. I agree it needs one, but you'll have to modify one to make it work.
  13. Shims or pole height adjustments. I'd say play it first, see how it sounds then adjust to taste.
  14. I suspect it’s a bolt on neck. Meaning, it’s not a Heritage body. In 1987, pickups and hardware would have been Schaller. Could be something heavily modified and refinished, but doesn’t look right to me.
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