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  1. No worries mate, I believe you. Here’s Sammy with his lefty strung upside down
  2. Look a lot like a lefty, upside down players guitar, Sammy. But I think he has a H-110 like that....
  3. Now I feel cheated my 535 didn’t come with a matching wooden pickguard...
  4. $100 for a decent tube amp? Well done!
  5. That is a rather interesting point... I have never heard of anyone 'reverse' engineering the HRW to see what's under the hood. My guess is pickup manufactures don't care and the every-day guitarist wouldn't do this because of the resale value. Only time it could possibly happen is if one was broken and needed to be fixed?
  6. Digging deep in the archives. Underrated and underappreciated pickups.
  7. Tis but a bout of humor. What happens when you cut da head off da chicken, eh?
  8. You could always try this insanity!
  9. What a museum grade looking instrument. Enjoy it in good health!
  10. A forgotten model. Hope someone here gets it to share with the rest of us vicariously.
  11. I know the Pickguardian asks you to send in your pickguard for an exact fit.
  12. Spot on Brian. Couldn’t have said it better myself.
  13. Talking about fretwork.... My son bought a Squire Contemporary Starcaster (light metallic blue with active pickups). Guitar looked cool, but its frets were horrible. Not even my sponge sander trick would help to fix the sharp fretends. Plus it had some deadspots. I usually take my guitars to Tim at Music Castle on Woodward, south of 12 mile road. Tim closed up shop last September, but thankfully, he gave me his cell number and still does work on the side. Took my son's guitar to his house, had frets leveled and crowned, addressed the nut, and gave it a proper setup all for $70.
  14. If there was ever a used Heritage that could command a $30,000 price tag that wasn't celebrity owned, it would be the Centurion.
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