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    There's one way to find out if a man is honest — ask him. If he says, "Yes," you know he is a crook.
    ~Groucho Marx

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  1. Steiner


    I wondered the same.
  2. Steiner


    Are you suggesting this film was recorded in the court of the crimson king?
  3. Steiner


    What movie???
  4. Steiner


    Good Morning Vietnam?
  5. Steiner


    A movie titled: The Dog Walking Radio Hour?
  6. Steiner


    Those two don't appear to be the "answer-guy" type.
  7. Steiner


    Got it. The first photo was taken from the front. The second, from the back.
  8. Whoa skydog52, did you have surgery?
  9. Steiner


    Egadz. Succinctly poignant!
  10. Steiner


    Had trouble following the blog. Now that I see it rhymes with frog, I'm good.
  11. Gregg,

      Just cleaned and restrung my 575 from flat wound Ti Swings to round Ti BeBops 12.

    Pickups are ThroBak SLE 101MXV 

    Now I get the ghost hum/buzz only through the amp (changed cables/changed amps/change guitars) so it is only from this guitar. It's not a grounding issue or mechanical issue. Could be the same issue you had so I ask..

    If you had to do this over...  assume it is a potting issue... how would you proceed.

    Have not gone to my tech guy.  


  12. Steiner


    Land sakes! Why have I not heard of this consummate Heritage museum? Beautiful!
  13. I meant to welcome you aboard to the collective but somehow inadvertently posted just the first line. I know editing is a limited time offer, so I wrote welcome and got the hell out. Also wanted to say hi from your lowly trolls under the bridge. Good day; eh?
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