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  1. Perhaps try a hardware store and see if they have the same screw a tad shorter. Screws come in lengths that vary by 1/4". I'd drill if you use the longer one.
  2. I like where DB is going with this. There was a member here that had a heritage with a bolt-on, maple fretboard. Jacques? Who knows? It may be the grail. Nice snatch!
  3. Chapstick is a formulation with beeswax. This is a good idea if you kiss your guitar for a wonderful time immersed in music; like I do... Every time.
  4. It has to be adjustable if your ear can't take bad intonation.
  5. There are prescribed pilot hole sizes based on the screw size - probably a #6 screw - you'll find them on the interwebs. Tape the drill bit to be sure you drill deep enough (there's a block of wood behind the heel). Before working the screw in, rub candle wax on the conical helix.
  6. Exactly. Every guitar I've purchased has needed the TLC of the luthier. I've discovered that the Heritages, all of them, are fantastic foundations. Once they're tuned, they are beasts! The 137 is a real fun model that belongs in every stable. Congrats on a beautiful guitar! May she sing like no other.
  7. I bought this: https://www.guitarcenter.com/Schaller/Guitar-Bridge-Signum-Black-Chrome-1500000211985.gc
  8. #1 & 2 are going into endgrain and won't be as strong as # 4 & 5 over the long haul. #3 gives me the willies! I don't know how thick the rim is; it can't be more than 1/4".
  9. Welcome Sim. Not only are 575s proper, they're made of solid wood; not plywood. Don't fret too much about drilling. When I picked up my 575, Ren asked if I wanted one installed. Sure! He dropped the guitar on his bench (right there by the Plek/coatrack), threw the headstock on his shoulder and drilled the pilot hole... It works well!
  10. Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like an apple...
  11. These cowboys got her humming this day...
  12. The 535 is one of around a dozen 12 string guitars that Heritage made. The 555 was blinged out with every option Gary and Green Oak Guitars wanted. When Gary and Marv met at PSP, they added every option that Marv approved. All in all, the build needed 2 cards to list all the upgrades. It felt like Marv wanted to build the unique 555. I've not seen another close to it
  13. Thank you! While not mine, their owner has passed. I promised his Wife I'd help her sell them. They came from an extraordinary dealer who facilitated the unusual upgrades to these rare birds.
  14. The difference is extreme! Just look, the 535 on the left, 555 on the right. Obviously, the 535 has 12 strings, the 555 only 6. The 555 has multi layer binding all around, bound F-holes, 5 piece neck, Eagle headstock, Throwbacks w/ RS harness, etc...
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