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  1. Right with you SkyDog52. Bob stopped by the wood shop with one of these. I thought them gaudy in photos but once in-hand one quickly appreciates the level of craftsmanship in these creations. Congrats MG! Nice snatch.
  2. An awesome crack, even if I do say so. +1
  3. Kudos on your statistical measurement technique. I asked for a 1.75" nut on my 575, Marv emphatically said no. You lucky guy!
  4. Sometimes, the easiest solutions are the best...
  5. Adam does an awesome job illustrating the ability of the amp! Stand alone amps like this don't come along often. Boy are they fun!
  6. IT'S RED!!! How does she sound next to the SLO?
  7. Happy NADs JG! Cool Amp by all means. Where do I test and buy in metro Detroit?
  8. Try working the amp's knob high to low, multiple times. Generally, the sealed pots have a lifetime of dielectric grease. You just need to work the knob to redistribute the grease.
  9. Whoa! I'm Officially selling tickets to this year's Pre-PSP. Get 'em while their hot!
  10. Your backdrop is too light to be leopard-wood. Is that 1/4 sawn oak??? I Love the grain!
  11. 'Twas a gift from a good friend. I like the difference in sound. I've been treating it with kid's gloves so it doesn't wear out. It's good to know they are durable. Thank you busujiujitsu!
  12. Ahhh... The good, old days. +1
  13. Having spent decades analyzing data from million dollar Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) devices, I understand that PLEK is a combination of the two. Certainly a cool idea but the ability of a machine to do its thing is heavily dependent on fixturing / how the guitar is held. Given the variation of neck size and profiles, I will not get any instrument I own within a country mile of one of these things. Heritage had a PLEK years ago that evolved into a coat rack; with their process of hand-rolling necks, I don't think they were happy with the results.
  14. That whole guitar is a piece of a craftsman's nightmare to build yet a stunning piece of eye-candy!
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