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  1. Congratulations and welcome to the herd. She's a beauty!
  2. I think my 535 was from Ed Roman, but I'm not sure. Is there any way of telling?
  3. I kind of like the fact that you have to look close to tell mine is wood. It somehow retains the traditional look with Antique Natural. I remember when I had looked at guitars years before I bought this one thinking the wood pick guards made the Heritage guitars different and instantly recognizable - more than the different headstock for me anyway.
  4. Interesting how half those guitars say The Heritage on the headstock and the others just say Heritage. I thought all new models had ditched the The.
  5. Maybe I'm wrong... I never go downtown anymore.
  6. Yes, I have to agree. It can't help but be good for Kalamazoo and especially that area of town. I have stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago before and you could sign out a guitar at the front desk when you checked in. How cool would that be if they had the bellhop just bring you up a Heritage or Harmony guitar to pick around with in your room.
  7. Doug

    Doug - 2002 Heritage 535 Custom

    2002 535 Antique Natural with Double VIP My First Heritage. Shot these photos in my front yard.
  8. Thanks. It was a blast for sure. A pretty loose affair.
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