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The acoustic rhythm is my Gibson Nick Lucas reissue. The heritage is the electric rhythm (middle position), main lead fills (bridge position), harmony lead (neck position). There are no FX, the Heritage is plugged straight into my Mesa Fillmore 50 and mic'd with a Sennheiser MD421 II.


Thanks Kuz
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My new to me 1997 Heritage Sweet 16
Long time poster on jazzguitar.be but decided to swing around here as I know of a few other forum members who frequent both. 
So this NGD stems from another duo of NGD's where I purchased two Gibson ES-125T one of which needed an immediate return due to a neck angle from a bad past repair. Although I thought the other 125 had an issue I had several shops including Joe Glaser's shop take a look and there was no play in the neck and just a little bit of lacquer separation at the joint. After thinking on it though I didn't want to slap 12 flatwounds on the thin neck ES-125T and then see an issue down the line as a neck reset can be an involved process so I thought let someone enjoy it with 9's or 10 roundwounds!

So as you may know prices on used vintage Gibson's right now can be pretty crazy and I was able to get almost double what I paid for it in trade value at a local shop here in Nashville.

I knew I wanted something in the thinner body depth along with a slimmer neck for a sitting with guitar on my leg position. Though I'm very comfortable with the classical position as that was my original entryway into playing guitar. 

As far as Heritage guitars I can't say I regret selling many instruments but I DO regret selling the Heritage H-550 I had. It was super comfortable and played like a dream along with having a lovely warm voice. At the time though I was less settled and chasing guitars when I should have been a bit more exploratory in other aspects like my amps of choice and my playing skills!

After many months not really vibing with the Benedetto tailpiece, it also directly touches the top as well at the apex and also puts pressure on the binding at the foot. I think this guitar was sold in Nashville before I bought it and it had the original tailpiece and also the original pickguard. The post was about 8 months before I bought it on Facebook(I've messaged that seller for any insight on where the parts went). I really wish the seller before it was at Carter's had left it alone. At the price these sell for you could get a lower model Benedetto if your heart really wants one(I understand if you buy a guitar it's yours and you can do what you want though!). Just a bit frustrated because finding the original pickguard and tailpiece is a pretty low possibility.

These are some of the photos from Carter Vintage where I bought it.
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My First Heritage NGD H-150 (2017)
I’m now the proud owner of a 2017 Heritage H-150 in Vintage Wineburst per the control cavity sticker which is actually a nice feature.   I had been looking at Heritage for a while and the stars finally aligned.  The guitar came with a custom made Gibson style pickguard and locking tuners.  I put a poker chip on it to cover up a few scratches near the toggle and swapped out the knobs which I suspect were not original.  So far I’m impressed with the overall fit, finish and sound.  It’s obvious the nitro is thinner than a Gibson LP Standard which is nice. The rosewood fingerboard is smooth as silk, probably one of the best I have played. There are some quality and/or design things I have to work through. The nut is a bit sloppy.  It looks like it was cut poorly from the factory and then someone tried filling it and now it’s way too high.  The tailpiece also sits really high so I switched the Nashville bridge for an ABR-1 to help lower the tailpiece and then used Faber spacers to stiffen the gap in the tailpiece posts.  I will probably do a full Faber hardware replacement down the road.  It weighs right at 10 pounds and feels every bit of it.  I gave it a quick setup and it plays well despite the nut and tailpiece issues.  Im hoping that once I fix those things she will really sing.  In the meantime, feel free to share any advice/tips/tricks/ideas you may have regarding Heritage or the H-150.  I’m excited to finally be a part of the Heritage club. 
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Hi, I play "Alice in wonderland" with Heritage Sweet16

If you have time,please listen to it,

Thank you.

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Hey HOC family, i finally got around to posting some videos of my band’s first post pandemic gig.   Guitar is a little low in the mix here and there, but then the sound guy got it dialed in.




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Minty 1997 575 custom!!!!
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Hi,I play sleep music with Heritage Sweet16.


I hope you can relax.

If you have time,please listen to it.

Thank you.

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Made in the same place, but a MUCH different vibe!
In case you didn’t know, all Harmony guitars are now being made at 225 Parsons Street, in Kalamazoo Michigan.  The same place as Heritage Guitars.  

NGD…2022 Harmony (Kalamazoo) Silhouette 

Factory Bigsby 
Alder body
Bolt on maple neck
Nitrocellulose lacquer finish
Rosewood fretboard 
Upgraded Mastery bridge
Upgraded Callahan string shaft
Locking tuners
Bone nut

Picked this up from a Craigslist deal today.  It’s in excellent condition.  Sets up with a nice low action.  Has a wonderful vintage vibe!!   Plays and sounds great!!!  Stays in tune like a CHAMP!!  The MONO Vertigo gig bag is a nice plus as well!!

A very cool and wonderful instrument!!







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Hi,I play "The Girl from ipanema" with Heritage archtop.

If you have time, please lissten to it.

Thank you.
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Making it official (again)...NGD
I had a Heritage many moons ago, probably a decade ago. I've gone through more than a handful but have always wanted a lemony LP/150 looking thang, and finally found one. Now I can stop pestering Brent ;-).

I just bought a CC 150 from Tejas. Hope to have it early next week. Here's a peek from the shop... it has a twin that is nearly identical in every way that is still there. I had a tough time choosing between the two but this one has a slightly darker board.

Can't wait!

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Hi, Happy new year.

I playing Sunny in a rock beat with my Heritage Sweet16.

If you have time please listen to it.

Thank you
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New Guitar Day! 2017 H-150
It's been a while since I sold my H-150.  I don't regret it but couldn't close that hole.  I tried am Epiphone Koa Custom LP, a Gibson LP Deluxe, but the itch was still there.

No more itch!  Woo Hoo!  Yay me!😍
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NGD 1992 H-140
My first heritage. It’s had some mods, but I’m fond of them. Lots of stories in this guitar after 30 years. 
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NOHGD H-137 Refinish
I bought this awhile back. It was faded Pelham Blue but I could never get to like the color and I like seeing the wood. I call it Black Cherry.

Dave Teske did the work on it. He does excellent work.    David Teske - Guitars and furniture custom finishing and repair services

Before and after.
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Thanks for having me. 

I’ve owned a ton of guitars and banjos, and still do, and my favorite guitar that I own out of all of the vintage ones is my Gibson ES-347. 

I just found a great deal on a 2002 Heritage H-555 with the upgraded pickups and VIP electronics.


It’ll arrive tomorrow. Think I’m in for a treat?


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Well, I’ve wanted a 17” archtop for a while. I had two to choose from, a ‘41 L7 and the one I went with, a ‘47 Triumph. I put some new strings on it and recorded this clip with my iPhone this morning at 6:30am before work. The audio obviously could be better but through headphones or good speakers it does give a decent feel for the tone of the guitar. I have been looking for a 30s-40s Archtop, it had to parallel braced and long scale and I couldn’t afford an L5,10, or 12 so that left me with the 7 and I might be able to find a Deluxe I could afford but I didn’t see any. My local shop just got in 7 killer arch tops and this Triumph was one and an L7. The Triumph was better sounding in a huge way and it was way less $ so now it’s mine. 


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Nice read on a Great Man!

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Hap, Hap, Happy Birthday ElNumero
Have a great day.
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Hap, Hap, Happy Birthday FredZepp
Have a great day.
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Thanks for looking,

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A Fun Little Jam Stones and Chuck Berry
Here's a little rock and roll jam recorded live in my studio. It's me on vocal and acoustic guitar, and my good friend Ryan Hawthorn on  lapsteel!

This is exactly what we sound like live so take an 8 minute ride with us and party on coolios, but fair warning, this really needs to be heard on something

other than computer speakers as the rhythm is all in the low end, turn it up.


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I have been in contact with Bandlabs.

They have provided a new link and asking everyone to sign up again.

My apologies for asking everyone to duplicate their sign-in.


Let me know if you're having a problem with this link!
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New Guitar Day (there's gold in them there hills).
I got this about 1 month ago and finally got around to bringing her back to life with a set up, a new pickguard. It is a Goldtop Heritage H576 (one better than the H575).


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Why I stopped shopping for guitars: or Put down the computer and pick up the guitar
My take on the subject brought up by the video below is this... Buying guitars and playing guitars are unrelated. If you want to play guitar, all you need is one guitar. Buying guitars is a completely different experience which satisfies the need to hunt, stalk some elusive prey, capture it and bring it home where it will remain until it is needed, thus also satisfying the need to feel prepared for that which might come in the future.

I also like using tools and tinkering on things. What if I just want to work on guitars, tinkering and not play them? Would I not be allowed to enjoy guitars by simply working on them? (I do like jamming on a guitar, my point being is that playing the guitar is not the only way to enjoy the guitar. Sometimes I'd rather just enjoy looking at them hanging on a wall as a collector might do rather than playing them.)

But in my case, I've just realized that I already own nearly every incredibly awesome guitar that I could ever dream of, and my hands are starting to hurt when I grab things. My hands are starting to feel the way those people on the arthritis TV commercials are describing their own hands. The newest source of irritation is the occasional sharp pain in the web of my hand, between thumb and first finger which happens when I try to squeeze my grip closed around the neck of a guitar in order to remove it from its wall hanger.  So I guess if I'm ever going to take guitar playing seriously, I'd better get to it now while I still can.

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2014 HERITAGE H555


A 2014 Heritage H555 semi hollow, loaded with Seymour Duncan Seth Lover pickups!!!


This 7.75 lb Tone Monster has medium C neck carve of .81 at the first fret and .91 at the 12th


Some of the highlights of this custom shop masterpiece include:


Multi-bound, heavily flamed maple top (premium wood package)

Heavily flamed and bound back

Bound F holes

Gold Tone Pros hardware

Bone nut

Bound Ebony fretboard with Abalone and Mother of pearl inlays

Bound and inlayed headstock

Mother of pearl truss rod cover

Bound flame maple Johnny Smith style pickguard


Freshly setup with 10-46s...low action.   The tone of a semi hollow with seths is absolutely AMAZING!!!!!  Warm, fat and woody!!!!


OHSC included...one broken latch...see pics


I would almost call this guitar mint....if 100 people looked at this guitar, 90 would say its mint....I'm gonna say near mint.   NO fret wear, a couple tiny (smaller than a pin head) impressions...some light polish swirls.   


The H555 is no longer in the "STANDARD" production line at Heritage.....which makes this a CUSTOM ORDER guitar now...….that translates to BIG MONEY!!!!  If you were to order this H555 tomorrow, you would be looking at a $3500 price tag....maybe more depending on the options you choose.


Own this near mint example for HUNDREDS LESS!!!!!!


$2250 plus shipping


Thanks for looking!!!!



IMG_0493 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr


IMG_0494 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr


IMG_0513 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr


IMG_0496 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr


IMG_0497 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr


IMG_0502 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr


IMG_0503 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr


IMG_0504 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr


IMG_0505 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr


IMG_0509 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr


IMG_0511 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr


IMG_0512 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr



IMG_0514 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr


IMG_0515 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr


IMG_0516 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr


IMG_0518 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr
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