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  1. I bought a Heritage H160 from CJ many years ago at an Illinois guitar show. We spent a lot of time talking about his Heritage H357s.
  2. Heritage 535s are thinner front to back measured at the edge.
  3. Is that a Kamalalla Harris quote?
  4. Did you want a PSP T-shirt?

  5. Congrats. Check for a top crack under the volume control. When the pickguard gets pushed down, the back of the control hits the spruce top by the f hole and can cause the spruce to split. Don't worry it's a very repairable crack.
  6. I had a conversation with Mr. Ren Wall years ago about why all the hardware on Heritage Johnny Smiths was black. He said "that's the way Johnny wanted it".
  7. Hap, Hap, Happy Birthday Mr. Wall.
  8. More images for your viewing pleasure.
  9. I had this one. Its an H150p All-Gold. I did stuff to it. New frets and pLeked. Different pickups but I cant remember what they are. If you come across this one I suggest you buy it.
  10. Shoulda coulda woulda. I almost bought a Randall #7 when they were $275.00. Regrets sigh.
  11. I notice some photos of a beautiful Millennium that is yours with amazing blonde back? Was that s custom shop creation? How long did it take to build? Were you actively involved in details? I'm considering having one made?

    Thanks for the help


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