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  1. There is truth to that rumor, he lives just Southwest of me (a few miles) and was an active musician, well known by Mr. Lamb. I bought an H160v from him at a guitar show. He is the leader of the C.J. Stanley Band.
  2. Some of the Heritage Johnny Smiths were tap tuned by Mr. Marv Lamb.
  3. Mr. Clark I have had all of my guitars pLeKed at The Guitar Gallery in Highland Park Illinois and they all turned out Fab. Some were Heritage and some were Fender Custom Shop. The exception was the last Heritage guitar I bought, the Millie Super light, which was pLeKed at Heritage and it also turned out Fab.
  4. Put Elmer's glue on the crack and the speaker will be like new.
  5. Heritage Johnny Smith guitars had wood pick-guards as standard.
  6. I have 2 Spruce top Millie's, the Spruce Prospect and an H170 with a Spruce body but they were fully custom and not standard Heritage guitars.
  7. All the custom guitars Heritage made for me have spruce blocks, not maple, so the guitars would be as light as possible. I like your food scale, it was rated the best on America's Test Kitchen.
  8. This would be a Marv Burst because he did this as a custom burst for this guitar. Marv also rolled the neck for this one, I know because he called me to come up to Kalamazoo to try the neck in the raw. I'm not sure he knew it would be a 400 mile round trip for me. I had a Fab time.
  9. We used those for practice. Fender Twin Reverbs were for performances. When I saw Johnny Winter he was playing through 2 Fender Twin Reverbs (with JBL speakers) stacked upon each other in a small venue. Ahhh that was the sound of Rock and Roll.
  10. I like the optional tone control.
  11. Many, many, many decades ago I saw a transparent green Gibbons L5c with gold fittings. It looked Fab.
  12. I asked for the middle size headstock for my SuperLight Millie. I thought the narrow headstock looked too thin and the wide headstock looked too large. Just like Goldie Locks I wanted the headstock to be jussst right. No Bears were harmed in the creation of the SuperLight Millie.
  13. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.musicradar.com/amp/news/Gibbons-acquires-mesaboogie-amps
  14. I notice some photos of a beautiful Millennium that is yours with amazing blonde back? Was that s custom shop creation? How long did it take to build? Were you actively involved in details? I'm considering having one made?

    Thanks for the help


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