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  1. Bring it down here next Thursday. Bring your new laptop as well. I know a place you can stay in that is very secluded. Take as much time as you want. There is an AC-15 and Blues Jr. here for you to use.
  2. That's right. The reason Marv could build the Firebirds was because he designed it. I know Heritage isn't building them any longer but there may be other considerations we don't know about for other models.
  3. I have been studying the Vietnam war for over 5 years. I mainly read books written by the people who were there. I am planning on having my wife help me make a few Viet Cong flags to give to people, to burn if they wish, and one to the local museum. I will age the hell out of these flags before giving them away. They are intended to be replicas. My taste in guitars doesn't lead me in this direction. Every time I get a senseless scratch on a guitar it bothers me. I sold my Marvbird because I was so uptight around it -especially when other people asked to play it. I hate when people gra
  4. I got phat cats for the Heritage I bought my daughter for Christmas several years ago. Guitar Center had them listed at below the suggested price. The neck pup was only $58.00. My buddies and I liked the tone so well I went back a few months later and get another set for my 535 and replaced the HRWs in it with the Phat Cats. They clean up very nicely and can scream if needed. For a fairly cheap pup they sure have the tone.
  5. Roller bridges work well with Bigsbys.
  6. Sounds like the party is going to change venues to Steiner's house.
  7. I played an H-525 in 2019 at the songbird guitar museum in Chattanooga. Playing it without an amp told me it was a very, "Alive," guitar. Tones of tone. However I don't like the hot P-90s used by Heritage. I have owned 3 guitars with them and I can never get them cleaan enough for my taste.
  8. I think this is a great idea. Several years Bill and Lance would stop here in Huntsville, AL on their way back to Florida from PSP. Lefty Alicia and Jim stopped by last September. I even had some hick from Indiana stop by with his family to visit the Space & Rocket center. This place isn't about guitars. It is about friendship. The guitars just give us an excuse. I looked at the park. I think it looks nice. Get a reservation as soon as you can. Do it!
  9. I'll be! Will, as many chickens as you have choked I figured you had that down.
  10. My other two 535s have wooden pick guards too.
  11. Marv in the prototype room.
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