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  1. Very thorough amp review, especially since you've just begun your sonic journey with this new rig. Interesting that you feel the amp leans more into the vintage bassy 'tweed' tone rather than 'glassy Fender' (scooped?) tones. Maybe an EQ pedal will help dial in your desired sound if knob twisting doesn't get you where you want to be. But it does appear from your comments that you really dig the tones you're getting. Tweaking a new amp at home and again at a live venue is part of the fun and part of the adventure. Enjoy!!
  2. GAS is strong in you, sir! 🙂
  3. All of the above comments in this thread discussing how the many varieties of H150's, LP's, etc. sound different are very interesting and enlightening. For some odd reason however, I sound pretty much the same on all of my solid body guitars.
  4. @tsp17...Great looking photos, Tad. 👍 H575's are such sweet sounding and comfortable archtops.
  5. Welcome to the HOC. Excellent looking H535. They're great instruments.
  6. @ElNumero...Congratulations, Will. I've always dug that model. With its two sharp cutaways it looks like its angry and ready to fight...or rock the house until it falls.
  7. Not to stir up controversy about the latest CC H575's, but there is no mention of them being solid carved top/back/sides like the original 575's. Heritage's website does not mention 'carved' at all. Instead it states the following: The Heritage Custom Shop Core Collection H-575 is a timeless instrument crafted with precision and attention to detail. The body of the Core Collection H-575 is constructed from premium curly maple, enhancing the visual appeal of this beloved tonewood. It is available in two elegant colors: Original Sunburst and Antique Natural. The body is finished with nitrocellulose, providing a vintage gloss that ages beautifully over time. For those seeking a more vintage look, this H-575 is also available in an Artisan Aged finish. The rim wood of the H-575 is made from solid curly maple, contributing to the guitar's resonance and durability. The rim wood of the H-575 is made from solid curly maple, contributing to the guitar's resonance and durability. Specs: Body Material Premium Curly Maple (Top & Body) Anyone have information from Heritage regarding this?
  8. Congratulations, Mark. Rose-Natural is my all time favorite shade for HJS archtops.
  9. Sweet looking CC H575's.
  10. Happy 'Heritage Flame Top Friday'! This 2004 Heritage Classic is an 8.1 lb Korina body/neck tone monster. And such a fun guitar to play. The Duncan 'Black-Back' pickups sound killer with any rig.
  11. @michaeljames...Check the inside of the rear access panel for a label. It might show the model and color.
  12. Congratulations to seller and buyer.
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