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  1. I love the Weber California in my '77 Silverface DR. Best speaker to bring out the best (aka loudest) cleans in that rig. Considered putting a Celestion Gold in it, but it landed in the Heritage Victory in place of the Celestion G12H Anniversary. It never ends!
  2. I did not realize how fussy I was until I noticed the bridge P90 shims on one of my guitars purchased from MartyGrass. Now I don't know how I lived without shims. 🙂
  3. Wow, Yooper, that's a very eclectic range of musical styles.
  4. My H-575 came without a strap pin at the heel. Instead the boys put a pearl dot inlay marking the spot. I bet Ren did this.
  5. Yes, the intonation is spot on with the API Wrap Around bridge. That photo is Heritage master builder/luthier, Pete Farmer holding that HOC H-137. Here's another...
  6. Congratulations on your new-to-you H-137! If you are considering a bridge upgrade, check out the API Locking Wrap-Around model. That was used on the HOC Ltd. Ed. H-137 and it works great. Another excellent bridge is Faber 'Wrap Lock' bridge.
  7. I bet if they raised the pickups a bit on the Heritage it would have sounded better. Mind you, I've never heard 225 p'ups, but there are subtle adjustments that make a huge difference on guitars. That's why I never buy anything musical, based solely on YouTube videos. Even with Throbak pickups, adjusting the pickup height makes them sound clearer or muddy.
  8. @PunkKitty...Sounds like the perfect ending to a story about a long lost love. Glad you got your H-575 back!
  9. I knew Kennedy...and also a few 535's, and that's not a 535. That's a demonic black 550...with a can opener, or something hanging off of it. The lack of a pickguard is attractive...but not for me. Nice try, Satan.
  10. @Yoslate & @MartyGrass: I love it when two of HOC's best wordsmiths wax poetically (anecdotally and rhetorically) about these wonderful guitars and how they've come to be.
  11. That is one of the most beautiful H-555's I've ever seen! I love everything about it.
  12. Wrong info. H-575's are all solid carved top/back/sides. They seem to be new to the Heritage line since its not listed as one of their available brands. Maybe the writer thinks 575's are laminate bodied like ES-175's. IIRC Sweetwater initially had them listed as laminate bodied, but later corrected their ads.
  13. @Yoslate...That new H-150 looks like a 'new vintage' guitar to me! Gorgeous. How would you describe the neck profile? Apologies if you've already done so. Also, some of the best H-150's and Les Pauls I've played have an acoustic ring to them. That phenomenon is difficult to quantify, but my ears know it when they hear it. What say you, professor?
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