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  1. Interesting. With Heritage you never know what you'll find under the control panel.
  2. I love this model...always have. And this one is over-the-top beautiful with its quilted maple back/sides. Enjoy that bad boy...even if you just hang it on your wall. Get it a proper glass display case if you do.
  3. PK offered some great alternatives. However, before you rip out the HRW's try rolling down the volume slightly on both pickups. I have HRW's in my H555 and that warmed them up substantially. That said, my H535 has Seths and they sound killer at any volume.
  4. @MartyGrassCongratulations! I got sentimental when I first spotted that beautiful H-150 listed for sale. It is a distant relative to my former 2009 H-150 Ultra. She was also a fairly heavy gal. Here's my old flame. Gone but not forgotten.
  5. True, but was the Heritage model ever in Trini's hands?
  6. "Sissy Strut" by New Orleans' great funk band, the Meters: Writers: Leo Nocentelli, Art Neville, George Porter, Joseph Modeliste
  7. Does it look anything like this fuzzy bass?
  8. I recall that old NGD thread. Bob seemed more happy with that 25th Anniversary LW than many of his other exceptional Heritage guitars. May he rest in peace. And thank you for all that you've done on his behalf, Mark. You are a class act.
  9. Will, I self-corrected my bass-akward math in a subsequent post. Basically, guitars built in 1985 would BECOME vintage in 30 years, or in the year 2015.
  10. Gorgeous Eagle! I bet that big Mahogany girl has tones as warm as a summer night.
  11. As others have stated, wait until you receive your H-530. That way you will be able to measure where a guard will fit on your guitar. I never knew why Heritage didn't offer pickguards on that model. They did make them IF special ordered either by a customer or dealer. In the meantime, I'd suggest contacting Jay Wolfe of Wolfe's Guitars and ask for his help. He had custom pick guards on many of his Heritage guitars. Here are a few of images of 'guarded' H-530's that might help give you an idea of how it looks and where they attach. Good luck!
  12. Here's a link to one of the most comprehensive HOC threads about Fred Zepp's magnificent Heritage Centurion:
  13. @MartyGrassHa! Extremely cool photo!!
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