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  1. Wow, Professor, that H-150 is something special! Play it in good health.
  2. FYI...Around here, if anyone calls a Heritage H-150 a "Les Paul", the maximum penalty is to say 3 Hail Heritages while kneeling towards Kalamazoo. Consider yourself warned.
  3. I wonder why Heritage and G i b s o n don't move their long standing trademark infringement issues to binding arbitration and bring the legal pissing contest to an end. Once that is done then maybe they could cease paying lawyers and focus their resources on making great guitars.
  4. Rob, can't wait for your Custom Core review! Hopefully, images too.
  5. Another consideration is the type of music you play and how it will be amplified. (e.g. Jazz/Rock/Blues/Country, etc.) Also, do you mostly play clean or dirty/overdriven? Loud or soft? Band situation or solo player at home? I tend to play a wide variety of music styles (some worse than others), so I lean towards semi-hollow guitars as my go-to instrument. A nice H-535 can do darn near anything in my book. But if you want a true jazz box, you can't do much better than a full hollow, carved H-575. Your individual needs should dictate the type of guitar or guitars you selec
  6. @Big Bob: Please tell us more about your sweet looking H-137. I've never seen a wood bridge base AND a Bigsby on a slab bodied guitar.
  7. Rob, congratulations on your forthcoming Custom Core. Can't wait to see it and read your comments after putting it through its paces. On a side note...I can't believe you sold your R4!!
  8. Yours may be a special guitar. Heritage didn't make as many Maple top with Mahogany back/side models as the usual all Maple versions. Also, Chestnut Burst is a beautiful finish. Since there may be other custom features, we'd love to see your H-575MH.
  9. Hopefully those impacted carried fire and business interruption insurance covering these losses.
  10. Wow! I know that industrial area very well. Thankfully no residents were involved. Possible smoke damage to homes, however. Hopefully the Fire Marshall will eventually announce the origin and cause of the fire.
  11. Good suggestions. I've been around since the early days of this forum, but still need to search for info that is no longer available. First step: Use the "Search" dialogue box in the upper right hand corner of the forum page. It might take a few attempts to find certain posts or information, but if the searched topic is RECENT (i.e. within the last few years) I get a hit...or not. Second step: Try a Google search, but always used Heritage or Heritage Guitars as part of your search. If you get a hit, it may take you way back to an 'archived' HOC thread that discusses your topi
  12. I dearly love everything about this H-525 Custom, so when an opportunity arose to purchase a similarly shaped G i b s o n ES-135 I bought it. My intention was to have one strung with flats and the other with roundwounds. To my surprise, the distant cousin semi-hollow 135 had none of the sweetness of the full hollowbody Heritage. Basically it sounded dead next to the very lively P90 full hollow H-525. The ES-135 even had excellent sounding 57 Classic pickups. Its heavy construction and thick center block killed any chance of being toneful. After about six months of trying to like
  13. Congratulations, PK. Suggestion: If it has great tone and quality electronics, it would be awesome if put in a great looking custom cabinet. Just a thought.
  14. My favorite image of a "well played" Heritage wood pickguard belongs to master jazz guitarist, Henry Johnson. https://riffjournal.com/henry-johnson-jazz-stars-align/
  15. Interesting. With Heritage you never know what you'll find under the control panel.
  16. I love this model...always have. And this one is over-the-top beautiful with its quilted maple back/sides. Enjoy that bad boy...even if you just hang it on your wall. Get it a proper glass display case if you do.
  17. PK offered some great alternatives. However, before you rip out the HRW's try rolling down the volume slightly on both pickups. I have HRW's in my H555 and that warmed them up substantially. That said, my H535 has Seths and they sound killer at any volume.
  18. @MartyGrassCongratulations! I got sentimental when I first spotted that beautiful H-150 listed for sale. It is a distant relative to my former 2009 H-150 Ultra. She was also a fairly heavy gal. Here's my old flame. Gone but not forgotten.
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