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  1. Wow a bunch of HOC newbies and lurkers have joined the party. We all started where you are. And soon, the tri-level Heritage addiction hits. First you find yourself trolling for used Heritage guitars here on the HOC, Craig's List, Reverb and Ebay. The second level is a daily scouring of Gbase and other online Heritage dealers for available new Heritage guitars. The final (and most incurable) level is calling the factory and dealers to discuss your custom order. This is incurable because it is recurring, year after year. The Heritage addiction is in full force by then. Just ask a few of us old timers. Oh, and welcome to the asylum.
  2. Welcome to the asylum! Anxious to see your new lefty 150 as well as that Hiwatt clone rig.
  3. Hey PsychoAngus, you burned up that 150 on that GnR tune!! Great stuff. Welcome to the HOC.
  4. A BIG WELCOME to all of the new HOC members from all around the world!! Heritage is a very special guitar company, making incredible instruments. The company is going through an interesting time at the moment, but they're still pumping out great guitars for us. (Check out the Winter NAMM thread). Let's see more of your amazing guitars and tell us all about them. Each one is unique...kinda like each of us! Cheers! Gitfiddler
  5. Welcome to the HOC and congratulations on that well travelled, gorgeous Super Eagle. I've admired (and lusted after) that one ever since Patrick and Marty owned it. Play it in good health!! Tim
  6. Chico and Johnj~ Welcome to our ever-growing community of Heritage Guitar fans.
  7. ScottM~ With priorities such as this, you will fit in perfectly with us other HOC'ers. Welcome aboard.
  8. What a great looking Custom Golden Eagle!
  9. Calvin Keys is your teacher? You are a lucky man. He's a great player. Been slingin' a Golden Eagle for years. I spotted Calvin at Blue Note Music in Berkeley several years ago noodling around on a jazz box. Man, if I could noodle half as good as him! Welcome to the HOC.
  10. Sure! I had it custom wired with 3 vol., 1 master tone, and pull up center p'up. Ren guided my guitar tech by phone to get it done right. Tons of tones!
  11. Close. It is 'Old Style Burst' (OSB). Classic brown outside with a touch of reddish-to-dark yellow center. The amazing quilt back looks a touch lighter and more on fire in sunlight. Best of all, it sounds amazing. Thanks for looking.
  12. Welcome to the HOC, Guy. Please clarify what is not working. We may be able to help. It could be something simple like a loose connection or disconnected wire on the jack. If you have an end pin input jack, they can be a bit temperamental. So tell us more.
  13. Welcome to all of the HOC newbies from around the globe!
  14. Welcome to the HOC, Jazzblues, and all of the other recent members. We don't need no stinkin' badges or even a Heritage to join the fun around here. Plus, it won't be long before you end up slinging a sweet 150, 535 or something. It's just a matter of time.
  15. Welcome Hotfordcoupe! Check the Heritage Classifieds. There's a gorgeous Super Eagle for sale that might get your attention.
  16. Welcome aboard, Scott, Dale and Shmokiebaby!! (Great name, by the way!) Scott, my '93 GE also has a floating p'up set up. I was too scared to work on the electronics since it was my first full size archtop. The mounting underneath your pickguard might need adjustment. If so, and you are careful, you might be able to adjust it. However, I always recommend folks take these fine instruments to a pro to have work done.
  17. Wow, lots of new blood here at the HOC! A big WELCOME to all of the newbies and to those lurking but not posting...yet. This is a friendly forum, so feel free to jump in and get something started about your favorite Heritage guitar or other topic.
  18. This thinline GE is one of my all time favorites here on the HOC. Beautiful instrument!
  19. Welcome to all of the HOC newbies!!! You are all now official members of the cult. Feel free to post pictures of your favorite Heritage gitfiddle as time permits. (Otherwise your membership is withdrawn and we don't refund your dues!)
  20. Caption: "Hmmm...Now which of these fine Ladies will I dance with?"
  21. Welcome to the HOC, Monica Punkitty. We need more ladies around here to keep us hairy legged dudes in check. Ha ha! Feel free to join in any of the threads that interest you. There are others looking for their first Heritage and enjoy the discussions. Millies are very special gitfiddles. If you get one you will love it.
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