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  1. I agree with @yoslate. This will be a great project to watch as it develops. The fretboard has dots, so the model is likely a 150P (Poplar body wood). That's all I can contribute, but there are many others on this forum who can give you guidance.
  2. Another option is to bring an extension speaker that is ohm compatible with your amp. Extension speaker cabs weigh much less than combos, and depending on the speaker, can give you the sound variety you seek. Your back will thank you.
  3. Beautiful CC collection you're building! And I too love the new deep vintage gold finish. Enjoy!
  4. Awesome upgrades! Play it in good health.
  5. One of the things I like about HRW's is their transparency or maybe its clarity. That is why they sound great in archtops. Maybe that is why Kenny Burrell prefers HRW's. He could have any PAF but wanted HRW's in his signature Heritage archtops. HRW's are their own thing. Some folks don't care for them, but to me all they need is a bit of knob twisting and height adjustment to bring out their best tone. They sound great in my H575, as well as in my H555. Any tone shaping can be done with the guitar's volume/tone knob or the amp EQ controls. Hey Mr. Burrell, how do those HRW's make you feel, sir?
  6. I checked with Grant Green about keeping the pickguard. Here's his reaction...
  7. I'd like to see a CC H-555, although it would be tough to top the pre-Plaza versions.
  8. So basically you built a Brownface Deluxe amp head?
  9. To ALL of the newest members......................Welcome to the HOC!!!
  10. Excellent demo! I love the way Grissom verbally explains how the amp was developed, plays a killer riff, then follows up on what we just heard it do. Having Sewel there, offering his technical input discussing the painstaking trial and error steps, was icing on the cake.
  11. +1 on Fender Pro amps. My first real amp (excluding the Vibro Champ) was a 60's Fender Pro 1x15. That was the later 40 watt version Pro. For gigging I also connected it to a matching Fender 1x12 extension speaker. That was my 'chittlin circuit' and USO rig. Man, that thing could bark!!
  12. Mid-80's Concert amps are sweet rigs. I LOVED mine and still miss it. The only reason it was sold was due to it somehow getting heavier over the years. Or maybe I got weaker over the years??
  13. Umm...can I enter my #2 favorite amp? I picked this one up last year and have really been enjoying it a LOT. It doesn't have a ton of features or effects. It's simply an old school, 12 watt, 5e3 design, updated by Fender's Custom Shop that sounds amazing. They sold them as either a combo or head. Since I already had the matching speaker cab, I went for a slightly used head version of their Custom 57 Deluxe. #2...
  14. For me the Heritage Liberty amp sets the standard that all of my other amps are compared to. This modern day 'high powered (45 watt) tweed-based circuit' brings the goods no matter what guitar it is paired with. It absolutely sings with my H555.
  15. Welcome to the HOC, Joe. And congratulations on your incoming Super Eagle. You'll definitely get your KB "Midnight Blue" groove on with that sweet axe.
  16. @JayBecker: Welcome to the HOC! Prospects are unique and wonderful guitars. It's another model that Heritage should bring back into production. Yours looks to be in good hands. Play it in good health.
  17. Hi and welcome to the HOC! You may be one of the first Mimi Fox owners who posted here. (Any others feel free to chime in) And what an entrance! That is one beautiful instrument. I've always wanted to check one of those models out. Based on Mimi's videos, she seems to be an excellent teacher as well as master jazz guitarist. Great that you've found an online instructor that you like. Play it in good health.
  18. Aha! Thanks, PK. Well that settles it. Jim is still making sawdust at Heritage. They should bring back a Heritage Bass to their lineup.
  19. Tad, I am so happy for you!  (And only a little jealous).  I've been looking at SKB's for years, but above my budget.

    You are going to love that big girl.

  20. Welcome to the HOC! If you are looking for a pickup for your H575, be sure to check out Archtop.com. I had a custom wound 12-pole floater built by Kent Armstrong for my Golden Eagle and love it. https://www.archtop.com/ac_access.html
  21. Mike...Hello and Welcome to the HOC! That's a beautiful H535 you have there. And nice calipers too.
  22. Welcome to the HOC, Bobby. Thanks for sharing your Dad's very interesting history as well as his association with the master, Johnny Smith. As Skydog52 mentioned above, check for more details on the JS inside label as well as the rear of the headstock. Here's an old ad mentioning the Emrad Johnny Smith Amp. Those 100 beasts came with a JBL speaker. Must have been one loud tone monster.
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