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  1. Gorgeous custom Heritages!! How does one come up with a selling price on such unique, upgraded models? Is it based mostly on the original build cost + profit or more what the market will bear?
  2. Umm...Hastily written directions to the Men's Room at 225 Parsons Street?
  3. @MartyGrass...This one-off custom 157 gitfiddle makes me shudder each time you post it! Damn, that is gorgeous!!
  4. Aha! Now I see her initials. Awesome x2!!
  5. @FredZepp...Did Maudie Moore do the amazing inlay work?
  6. Congratulations, Mark. That is a stellar example of a great instrument! If no Roy Clark truss rod cover comes up, you might check with 'Custom Inlay, Inc.' Send them an image of what you'd like and they'll replicate it. https://custominlay.com/
  7. Just one more reason to hold onto and cherish the original, pre-Plaza Kalamazoo built Heritage guitars.
  8. Here's a 2013 HOC thread that discusses the amazing Centurion. Also, there's mention of the builder, Larry Perkins, who according to one of the HOC members, worked for Benedetto after leaving Heritage.
  9. @kbp810...That has to be one of the most beautiful H157's ever made! Thanks for posting, Brian.
  10. Hmmm...I hope the cheaper Heritage imports won't drag down the resale value of domestic Heritage gits. Just a random thought.
  11. My overall favorite guitar type is 'semi-hollow'. Over the years I found myself consistently grabbing either my H535 or H555. That said, my overall favorite semi-hollow is my very first semi (and first pro-level instrument), my '78 Ibanez 2630. We've been through so much together! Basically, those are my #1, 2 & 3 top gitfiddles. 🙂
  12. @FredZepp... Awesome work of Heritage art!
  13. @skydog52 Wow, that photo is more like "Happy Heritage Anniversary"!! 🙂 Happy Holidays!! 🎅
  14. Spoken like a man who truly understands the purpose of an electric guitar.
  15. Whatever happened, I thank you for your efforts to revive this great forum! Keep on keepin' on...and Happy Holidays!!
  16. @Jermnjones66...Welcome to the HOC! If you truly want to preserve your beautiful H150's electronics, pickups, etc., why not replace them with your preferred parts, but keep the originals stored. You'll likely get more long term enjoyment from a guitar that is structurally and electronically sound, and one that has your favorite pickups. The market for early Heritage guitars is nothing like Gibson or other large, well known makers. So you might as well enjoy it in its best possible form. After your upgrades my only recommendation is to play that 150 like you stole it! ?
  17. Part of the sweetness you are hearing is the wood of your H575. Good pickups should amplify, not color the sound of a well built guitar. Archtops made of carved/solid wood should have a nice sounding natural acoustic sound. That natural sound should be amplified through pickups (and obviously your amp of choice). I experienced that with my former Sweet 16. Unfortunately its acoustic sound left a bit to be desired, so I went on a pickup adventure, trying out 3 different p'ups (Schaller, Gibson 57 classic and finally a custom wound Kent Armstrong 12 pole. Each pickup improved the sound...a little! The best was the KA 12 pole paf. In the end I sold the guitar and later picked up two H575's. Both of them sound amazing, no matter what pickup I put in them (Schaller, HRW, Seth Lover, etc.) I attribute the guitar's construction as the primary reason for the basic tonal sweetness. Each pickup contributed to the lows, highs and midrange...a little. My 575's sound great with or without an amp! I guess that's why I own two of the same archtop. Heritage archtops are hand made, so each has its own personality, feel and sound. Bottom line, you got a good one!! ?
  18. I like your 535 specs and also hope Heritage offers more options/upgrades. Back in the pre-Plaza days, Heritage built a bunch of non-spec guitars and custom one-offs subject to customer requests. My 2008 was ordered with a custom color, chunky neck, ebony fretboard and Phat Cat p'ups. I swapped in Seths. I love this golden girl.
  19. I checked with Grant Green about keeping the pickguard. Here's his reaction...
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